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Diseases included in EID2 Database. You can browse to specific Disease via the tree view or the grid below. The grid allows you to filter (click funnel), sort (click on column name) or page (click on page numbers below).

Disease Name
zygomycosis, unspecifiedB46.9
protozoal diseasesB50 -B64
plasmodium falciparum malaria with cerebral complicationsB50.0
plasmodium malariae malariaB52
plasmodium malariae malaria with other complicationsB52.8
unspecified malariaB54
visceral leishmaniasisB55.0
gambiense trypanosomiasisB56.0
african trypanosomiasis, unspecifiedB56.9
megacolon in chagas' diseaseB57.32
chagas' disease with nervous system involvement, unspecifiedB57.40
toxoplasma chorioretinitisB58.01
toxoplasma hepatitisB58.1
toxoplasma tubulo-interstitial nephropathyB58.83
toxoplasmosis, unspecifiedB58.9
conjunctivitis due to acanthamoebaB60.12
other acanthamebic diseaseB60.19
schistosomiasis due to schistosoma haematobium [urinary schistosomiasis]B65.0
schistosomiasis due to schistosoma japonicumB65.2
echinococcus granulosus infection of liverB67.0
echinococcus granulosus infection of boneB67.2
echinococcus multilocularis infection, other sitesB67.69
echinococcosis, unspecified, of liverB67.8
taenia saginata taeniasisB68.1
cysticercosis of eyeB69.1
other cestode infectionsB71
onchocerciasis with endophthalmitisB73.01
filariasis due to wuchereria bancroftiB74.0
filariasis due to brugia timoriB74.2
hookworm diseasesB76
ascariasis, unspecifiedB77.9
intestinal strongyloidiasisB78.0
other specified intestinal helminthiasesB81.8
intestinal helminthiasis, unspecifiedB82.0
internal hirudiniasisB83.4
helminthiasis, unspecifiedB83.9
mixed pediculosis and phthiriasisB85.4
nasopharyngeal myiasisB87.3
genitourinary myiasisB87.81
other arthropod infestationsB88.2
other specified infestationsB88.8
sequelae of genitourinary tuberculosisB90.1
sequelae of tuberculosis of other organsB90.8
sequelae of leprosyB92
herpesviral infection of other male genital organsA60.02
anogenital herpesviral infection, unspecifiedA60.9
anogenital (venereal) wartsA63.0
unspecified sexually transmitted diseaseA64
multiple papillomata and wet crab yawsA66.1
latent yawsA66.8
pinta [carate]A67
pinta, unspecifiedA67.9
louse-borne relapsing feverA68.0
relapsing fever, unspecifiedA68.9
meningitis due to lyme diseaseA69.21
arthritis due to lyme diseaseA69.23
active stage of trachomaA71.1
rickettsiosesA75 -A79
epidemic louse-borne typhus fever due to rickettsia prowazekiiA75.0
spotted fever [tick-borne rickettsioses]A77
spotted fever due to rickettsia conoriiA77.1
spotted fever, unspecifiedA77.9
q feverA78
viral and prion infections of the central nervous systemA80 -A89
acute paralytic poliomyelitis, vaccine-associatedA80.0
acute nonparalytic poliomyelitisA80.4
atypical virus infections of central nervous systemA81
gerstmann-straussler-scheinker syndromeA81.82
other atypical virus infections of central nervous systemA81.89
japanese encephalitisA83.0
eastern equine encephalitisA83.2
other mosquito-borne viral encephalitisA83.8
tick-borne viral encephalitisA84
adenoviral encephalitisA85.1
other specified viral encephalitisA85.8
other viral meningitisA87.8
other viral infections of central nervous system, not elsewhere classifiedA88
unspecified viral infection of central nervous systemA89
dengue fever [classical dengue]A90
venezuelan equine feverA92.2
other mosquito-borne viral feverswith encephalitisA92.31
oropouche virus diseaseA93.0
colorado tick feverA93.2
sylvatic yellow feverA95.0
yellow fever, unspecifiedA95.9
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