Welcome to the ENHanCEd Infectious Diseases (EID2) database. This evidence-based database annotates and integrates existing data on vectors, hosts and their pathogens. The database enables users to obtain:

A basic description of the EID2 can be found here Below are some of the publications using or mentioning the EID2:

  • Database of host-pathogen and related species interactions, and their global distribution.
  • Using open-access taxonomic and spatial information to create a comprehensive database for the study of Mammalian and avian livestock and pet infections.
  • Impact of climate change on human and animal healt.
  • Domesticated animals and human infectious diseases of zoonotic origins: domestication time matters.
  • Comparison of the h-Index Scores Among Pathogens Identified as Emerging Hazards in North America.
  • Application of next-generation sequencing technologies in virology.
  • Drivers for emerging issues in animal and plant health
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