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Diseases included in EID2 Database. You can browse to specific Disease via the tree view or the grid below. The grid allows you to filter (click funnel), sort (click on column name) or page (click on page numbers below).

Disease Name
spotted fever due to rickettsia conoriiA77.1
spotted fever, unspecifiedA77.9
q feverA78
viral and prion infections of the central nervous systemA80 -A89
acute paralytic poliomyelitis, vaccine-associatedA80.0
acute nonparalytic poliomyelitisA80.4
atypical virus infections of central nervous systemA81
gerstmann-straussler-scheinker syndromeA81.82
other atypical virus infections of central nervous systemA81.89
japanese encephalitisA83.0
eastern equine encephalitisA83.2
other mosquito-borne viral encephalitisA83.8
tick-borne viral encephalitisA84
adenoviral encephalitisA85.1
other specified viral encephalitisA85.8
other viral meningitisA87.8
other viral infections of central nervous system, not elsewhere classifiedA88
unspecified viral infection of central nervous systemA89
dengue fever [classical dengue]A90
venezuelan equine feverA92.2
other mosquito-borne viral feverswith encephalitisA92.31
oropouche virus diseaseA93.0
colorado tick feverA93.2
sylvatic yellow feverA95.0
yellow fever, unspecifiedA95.9
other viral hemorrhagic fevers, not elsewhere classifiedA98
omsk hemorrhagic feverA98.1
unspecified viral hemorrhagic feverA99
herpesviral [herpes simplex] infectionsB00
herpesviral encephalitisB00.4
herpesviral iridocyclitisB00.51
other herpesviral infectionB00.89
varicella [chickenpox]B01
varicella without complicationB01.9
zoster encephalitisB02.0
postherpetic myelitisB02.24
zoster unspecifiedB02.30
zoster with other complicationsB02.8
measles complicated by pneumoniaB05.2
measles with intestinal complicationsB05.4
rubella with neurological complication, unspecifiedB06.00
rubella meningitisB06.02
rubella pneumoniaB06.81
plantar wartB07.0
viral wart, unspecifiedB07.9
other orthopoxvirus infectionsB08.09
other viral infections characterized by skin and mucous membrane lesions, not elsewhere classified unspecifiedB08.20
enteroviral vesicular pharyngitisB08.5
bovine stomatitisB08.61
other parapoxvirus infectionsB08.69
other specified viral infections characterized by skin and mucous membrane lesionsB08.8
unspecified viral infection characterized by skin and mucous membrane lesionsB09
other human herpesvirus infectionB10.89
acute hepatitis aB15
acute hepatitis b without delta-agent and without hepatic comaB16.9
acute delta-(super) infection of hepatitis b carrierB17.0
acute viral hepatitis, unspecifiedB17.9
chronic viral hepatitis b with delta-agentB18.0
unspecified viral hepatitis without hepatic comaB19.10
unspecified viral hepatitis without hepatic comaB19.20
cytomegaloviral diseaseB25
cytomegaloviral hepatitisB25.1
mumps orchitisB26.0
mumps encephalitisB26.2
other mumps complicationsB26.89
infectious mononucleosisB27
infectious mononucleosis with meningitisB27.12
infectious mononucleosis without complicationB27.80
infectious mononucleosis with polyneuropathyB27.91
infectious mononucleosiswith other complicationB27.99
viral conjunctivitis, unspecifiedB30.9
epidemic myalgiaB33.0
retrovirus infections, not elsewhere classifiedB33.3
other specified viral diseasesB33.8
parvovirus infection, unspecifiedB34.3
other viral infections of unspecified siteB34.8
tinea pedisB35.3
tinea imbricataB35.5
pulmonary candidiasisB37.1
candidiasis of vulva and vaginaB37.3
candidal endocarditisB37.6
candidal esophagitisB37.81
acute pulmonary coccidioidomycosisB38.0
pulmonary coccidioidomycosis, unspecifiedB38.2
chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis capsulatiB39.1
histoplasmosis, unspecifiedB39.9
acute pulmonary blastomycosisB40.0
blastomycosis, unspecifiedB40.9
pulmonary paracoccidioidomycosisB41.0
disseminated sporotrichosisB42.7
sporotrichosis arthritisB42.82
pheomycotic brain abscessB43.1
other forms of chromomycosisB43.8
allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosisB44.81
aspergillosis, unspecifiedB44.9
other forms of cryptococcosisB45.8
disseminated mucormycosisB46.4
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