repellent effect of salvia dorisiana, s. longifolia, and s. sclarea (lamiaceae) essential oils against the mosquito aedes albopictus skuse (diptera: culicidae).aedes albopictus (diptera: culicidae) has been one of the fastest spreading insects over the past 20 years. its medical importance is due to the aggressive daytime human-biting behavior and the ability to vector many viruses, including dengue, lacrosse, eastern equine encephalitis and west nile viruses. in this research, the essential oils (eos) extracted from fresh air dried leaves of salvia dorisiana, s. longifolia, and s. sclarea (lamiaceae) were evaluated for their repellent activity against ...201222350673
chemical composition and mosquito larvicidal activities of salvia essential oils.vector control is facing a threat due to the emergence of resistance to synthetic insecticides. in this context, essential oils have received much attention as potentially useful bioactive compounds against insects. therefore, our present study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of essential oils from the aerial parts of salvia elegans vahl, salvia dorisiana standl., salvia splendens sello ex j.a. schult blue ribbon, and s. splendens sello ex j.a. schult scarlet sage red (lamiaceae) against the four ...201121284539
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