antibodies against arboviruses in sierra leone.sera from 180 blood donors in sierra leone were examined by combined hemagglutination - inhibition, complement fixation, and neutralization tests for antibodies against 10 arbovirus. the donors were 20 to 40 years old and resident at panguma, tongo, serabu and segbwema. thirty sera (16.6%) had antibodies to group b viruses, the majority of which were to yellow fever virus as confirmed by n tests. nineteen sera had antibodies to arumowot virus and 4 to sindbis virus. n antibodies against ugmp 359 ...19761006793
determination of whether tomato spotted wilt virus replicates in toxorhynchites amboinensis mosquitoes and the relatedness of this virus to phleboviruses (family bunyaviridae).tomato spotted wilt virus (tswv) has been reported to be morphologically, molecularly and structurally similar to viruses in the family bunyaviridae. by various types of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisa) and western blot hybridizations, we tested tswv with antibodies to 12 viruses in the phlebovirus genus of this family. serological relatedness was not found between tswv and phleboviruses. however, one preparation of antibody to arumowot virus reacted with a 53-kd protein from healthy p ...19921346784
complete genome characterization of the arumowot virus (unclassified phlebovirus) isolated from turdus libonyanus birds in the central african republic.the bunyaviridae family is currently composed of five genera, including phlebovirus, in which several phleboviruses are associated with human diseases. using high-throughput sequencing, we obtained and characterized one complete genome of the arumowot virus (amtv) isolated in 1978 from turdus libonyanus, the kurrichane thrush, in the central african republic (car). the genomic segment of the new strain of amtv isolated in the car had 75.4-83.5% sequence similarity and 82-98.4% amino acid similar ...201626807610
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