indoleacetic acid production and plant growth promoting potential of bacterial endophytes isolated from rice (oryza sativa l.) seeds.bacterial endophytes from the phyllosphere and rhizosphere have been used to produce bioactive metabolites and to promote plant growth. however, little is known about the endophytes residing in seeds. this study aimed to isolate and identify seed-borne bacterial endophytes from rice and elucidate their potential for phytohormone production and growth enhancement. the isolated endophytes included micrococcus yunnanensis rwl-2, micrococcus luteus rwl-3, enterobacter soli rwl-4, leclercia adecarbox ...201728605980
biotransformation of ferulic acid to 4-vinylguaiacol by enterobacter soli and e. aerogenes.we investigated the conversion of ferulic acid to 4-vinylguaiacol (4-vg), vanillin, vanillyl alcohol, and vanillic acid by five enterobacter strains. these high-value chemicals are usually synthesized by chemical methods but biological synthesis adds market value. ferulic acid, a relatively inexpensive component of agricultural crops, is plentiful in corn hulls, cereal bran, and sugar-beet pulp. two enterobacter strains, e. soli, and e. aerogenes, accumulated 550-600 ppm amounts of 4-vg when gro ...201222986816
antimicrobial properties of an oxidizer produced by burkholderia cenocepacia p525.a compound with both oxidizing properties and antibiotic properties was extracted and purified from broth cultures of burkholderia cenocepacia strain p525. a four step purification procedure was used to increase its specific activity ~400-fold and to yield a hplc-uv chromatogram containing a single major peak. size exclusion chromatography suggests a molecular mass of ~1,150 and uv spectroscopy suggests the presence of a polyene structure consisting of as many as six conjugated double bonds. bio ...201424384626
enterobacter soli sp. nov.: a lignin-degrading γ-proteobacteria isolated from soil.a gram-negative bacterium that formed cream-colored colonies designated strain lf7 was isolated from soil collected in the tambopata national reserve in madre de dios, peru. 16s rrna sequence comparisons indicate that lf7 is a novel enterobacter sp. closely related to e. asburiae jcm 6051(t) [ab004744] and e. aerogenes jcm 1235(t) [ab004750] based on their sequence homologies (p-distance: 1.06 and 1.19%, respectively). dna g + c content was 52.8 mol% which is within the range reported for e. asb ...201021104086
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