scale-dependent habitat selection in migratory frugivorous passerines.frugivorous migrants may select fruit-rich habitats en route to attain high food rewards, yet their stopover behavior may also be shaped by other considerations, such as predation risk. during 1996-2001 we investigated autumn stopover habitat use of three sylvia warblers (sylviids; s. hortensis, s. atricapilla and s. curruca) and three turdidae chats (turdids; cercotrichas galactotes, oenanthe hispanica and phoenicurus phoenicurus) in planted groves of the fruiting tree pistacia atlantica in lah ...200415455207
females are responsible for ejection of cuckoo eggs in the rufous bush robin.rufous bush robin, cercotrichas galactotes, nests were experimentally parasitized in order to test which sex is responsible for egg ejection. we tested nests belonging to the same individuals (male, female or pair) in 2 consecutive years. whether the eggs were rejected did not depend on environmental variables such as laying date and clutch size, and did not change between tests, when the two consecutive nests tested belonged to the same pair members, supporting the idea that some individuals re ...19989710470
condition and health of rufous bush robin (cercotrichas galactotes) nestlings in a polluted oasis habitat in southern tunisia.we investigated whether the proximity to the gabès-ghannouche factory complex of phosphate treatment, in south-eastern tunisia, was associated with notable changes in the condition and health of rufous bush robin (cercotrichas galactotes) nestlings hatched in the neighbouring oasis habitat. results demonstrated that excrements of nestlings hatched in one oasis close to the factory complex contained higher concentrations of lead and zinc than the excrements of nestlings from one oasis situated 20 ...201525749506
predicting west nile virus seroprevalence in wild birds in senegal.west nile fever epidemiology is complex, and the role of birds in the maintenance, amplification, and dissemination of the west nile virus (wnv) remains partially unknown. in 2003, a serological study was performed in senegal, where west nile infection is considered endemic. the goal was to identify potential reservoirs of wnv among bird species present in the ferlo area (northern senegal) and the senegal river valley, and to screen the ecological factors possibly related to west nile infection. ...200919196131
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