sipha maydis: distribution and host range of a new aphid pest of winter cereals in argentina.sipha maydis (passerini) is a new aphid pest of cereals and cultivated and wild grasses in argentina. this species was recently introduced into america, and nothing is known of its distribution or host range in south america. a better understanding of its biology is likely to facilitate control. this article records 1) the distribution and 2) the host range of s. maydis in argentina. over the period 2004-2006 samples were collected from 32 populations at several localities in argentina. the numb ...200718232394
a large-scale field study of bacterial communities in cereal aphid populations across morocco.insects are frequently associated with bacteria that can have significant ecological and evolutionary impacts on their hosts. to date, few studies have examined the influence of environmental factors to microbiome composition of aphids. the current work assessed the diversity of bacterial communities of five cereal aphid species (sitobion avenae, rhopalosiphum padi, r. maidis, sipha maydis and diuraphis noxia) collected across morocco and covering a wide range of environmental conditions. we aim ...201829346623
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