an epidemic of rift valley fever in egypt. 2. isolation of the virus from animals.during the epidemic of rift valley fever (rvf) that occurred in egypt and other areas of north africa in 1977, the virus was isolated from various species of domestic animal and rats (rattus rattus frugivorus) as well as man. the highest number of rvf virus isolates were obtained from sheep; only one isolate was recovered from each of the other species tested, viz. cow, camel, goat, horse, and rat. rvf virus was reisolated from both camel and horse sera, apparently for the first time.1979314355
[susceptibility of rattus norvegicus and rattus rattus frugivorus from the city of recife to pasteurella pestis]. 19695376934
infestation rate of tick, mite and lice among rodent species in menoufia governorate, egypt.a preliminary survey of domestic rodent species and their ectoparasites tick, mite and lice was carried out in ten centers of menoufia (quesna, shebeen el-kom, berka el-saabe, el-bagour, el-shohada, tala, menoff, searth el-lian, ashmon and el-sadat) governorate. frequency of rodent species and ectoparasites indices (tick, mite and lice) were recorded in spring (2009). the main species of rodent was norway rat, rattus norvegicus, the grey-bellied rat, rattus rattus alexandrinus, the white-bellied ...201021246950
new record of nosopsyllus (nosopsyllus) barbarus (jordan and rothschild, 1912) (aphaniptera: dolichopsyllidae) from sicily. morphology at scanning electron microscopy of n. (n.) barbarus and n. (n.) fasciatus (bosc d'antic, 1800).nosopsyllus (n.) fasciatus, species or complex cosmopolitan and very polymorphic, is established in most of italian regions, in association with murine rodents, especially domestic species. n. (n.) barbarus, similar to n. fasciatus in modified segments of the male and perhaps in ecology, is presently known from north africa regions and a few mediterranean islands; in italy it is reported from sardinia and egadi islands. in this note the n. barbarus presence in sicily (palermo) and the contempora ...19979419843
antibodies to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus in wild rodent sera in egypt.specific antibodies to lymphocytic choriomeningitis (lcm) virus were detected in sera of wild rodents trapped in different regions of egypt. the highest proportion of positive sera (11.5%) was found in sinaa governorate of the asian continent, followed by sharkia governorate (5.6%) adjacent to sinaa and giza governorate (1.8%). in upper egypt, however all 610 rodent sera collected in aswan, red sea pernees and new valley adjacent to sudan were negative. the highest percentage of positive sera wa ...19911880412
occurrence of ectoparasitic arthropods associated with rodents in hail region northern saudi arabia.ectoparasitic arthropods are a diverse element of the saudi fauna. due to this, a survey of ectoparasites associated with rodents was conducted as a preliminary study in five districts of hail region of northern saudi arabia for the first time. ectoparasites extracted from 750 rodents were sampled and identified by recording their frequency of appearance. results revealed that 1,287 ectoparasites infested 316 of the captured rodent hosts. these ectoparasites parasitized on four species of rodent ...201424838257
the current status of fleas according to environmental changes in some governorates in egypt.a preliminary survey of domestic rodent and their fleas was carried out in different environmental governorates (ismailia, dakahlia, el-fayoum, north sinai and matrouh), egypt. flea index (number of flea/rodent) and percentage frequency of different flea species were recorded in spring (2009- 2010). the main rodent species found were the norway rat, rattus norvegicus, the grey-bellied rat, rattus rattus alexandrinus, the white- bellied rat, rattus rattus frugivorus, the house mouse, mus musculus ...201121634253
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