molecular characteristics of the alpha- and beta-tubulin genes of nosema philosamiae.microsporidia are intracellular parasites of insects and other higher eukaryotes. the microsporidian nosema philosamiae talukdar, 1961 was isolated from the eri silkworm, philosamia cynthia ricini grote. in the present study, alpha- and beta-tubulin genes from n. philosamiae were characterized. the identity analysis of nucleotide and amino acid sequences indicated high similarity with species of nosema nägeli, 1857 sensu lato (nucleotide sequences, > or = 96.0%; amino acid sequences, > or = 99.0 ...201324471282
morphological and molecular characterization of nosema pernyi, a microsporidian parasite in antheraea pernyi.nosema pernyi is a lethal pathogen that causes microsporidiosis in the chinese oak silkworm, antheraea pernyi. in this study, we presented its morphological and some molecular characteristics. the mature spores were measured to be 4.36 × 1.49 μm. the spore wall consisted of an electron-dense exospore (ex) and electron-lucent endospore (en) layer. the polar filament (pf) was isofilar with 10-12 coils that were frequently arranged in a single row. investigation results indicated that n. pernyi can ...201526044882
phylogenetic analysis of complete rrna gene sequence of nosema philosamiae isolated from the lepidopteran philosamia cynthia ricini.abstract. the microsporidian nosema philosamiae is a pathogen that infects the eri-silkworm philosamia cynthia ricini. the complete sequence of rrna gene (4,314 bp) was obtained by polymerase chain reaction amplification with specific primers and sequencing. the sequence analysis showed that the organization of the rrna of n. philosamiae was similar to the pattern of nosema bombycis. phylogenetic analysis of rrna gene sequences revealed that n. philosamiae had a close relationship with other nos ...201020384905
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