hapalotrema (digenea: spirorchidae) in the green turtle (chelonia mydas) in australia.hapalotrema mehrai rao, 1976 and hapalotrema postorchis rao, 1976 (digenea: spirorchidae) are redescribed from the heart and pulmonary arteries of the green turtle, chelonia mydas, from moreton bay in south-eastern queensland. hapalotrema pambanensis gupta and mehrotra, 1981 from c. mydas in india is made a synonym of h. mehrai. hapalotrema dorsopora dailey, fast and balazs, 1993 from c. mydas from hawaii was described with a dorsally opening uterine pore, but this is found to be the opening of ...19989576515
spirorchiidiosis (digenea: spirorchiidae) and lesions associated with parasites in caribbean green turtles (chelonia mydas).forty-seven nesting green turtles (chelonia mydas) were examined for parasitic pathogens. four species of cardiovascular flukes (digenea: spirorchiidae), learedius learedi, hapalotrema postorchis, monticellius indicum and amphiorchis solus were collected from 39 of 40 of the turtles, and neospirorchis species were identified in seven of the 47 by histological examination. the pathological changes associated with the spirorchiids and their eggs included aneurysms, arteritis of great vessels with ...200717921440
fluke (spirorchiidae) infections in sea turtles stranded on taiwan: prevalence and pathology.abstract the prevalence of spirorchiid fluke infections of marine turtles is high and may cause the death of the hosts throughout their ranges. virtually nothing has been reported regarding the infective status of sea turtles stranded on taiwan. between 2007 and 2010, 30 green turtles (chelonia mydas) and 2 loggerhead turtles (caretta caretta), stranded and dead, were examined for spirorchiid flukes and their eggs. twenty-four of the green turtles were juveniles, and the stranded loggerhead tu ...201122032290
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