high-temperature production of protein-enriched feed from cassava by fungi.a simple, nonaseptic, low-cast process for the conversion of cassava, a starchy tropical root crop, into microbial protein for use as animal feed was sought. screening tests culminated in the isolation of a thermotolerant, amylase-producing mold, designated i-21, which was identified as aspergillus fumigatus. the optimum ph for protein synthesis was 3-5, but the optimum temperature was less than the desired temperature (larger than or equal to 45 c) required for a nonaseptic fermentation. a. fum ...19752105
primary interaction between antibody and components of alternaria. i. immunology and chemical characteristics of labeled antigens.components were isolated from alternaria tenuis and its culture filtrate, and were radiolabeled with 123-i. the labeled antigenic components had a high polysaccharide content as determined by staining patterns following electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gels and by inactivation with sodium metaperiodate. a primary binding test was employed to detect and measure serum antibodies to the components from a. tennuis. this procedure was more sensitive in detecting antibodies that bound to antigens tha ...197548526
lymphocyte sensitization to aspergillus fumigatus antigens in pulmonary diseases in vitro studies of t-lymphocyte responses using five different batches of aspergillus fumigatus antigens, were undertaken in twelve patients with a. fumigatus related lung disease and in three normal controls. using a leucocyte migration method, five of the twelve patients showed significant inhibition of leucocyte migration with a migration index of 0-80 or less to a. fumigatus, but in only three was this demonstrated with more than one batch of antigen (one patient with aspergilloma and two w ...197659639
variability of antigenicity of aspergillus fumigatus. 197875900
antigenic variability of aspergillus fumigatus strains.the effect of culture media, temperature of incubation, and continuous shaking of cultures, on the reactivity and yield of antigens of aspergillus fumigatus were evaluated. it was found that aoac medium was superior to czapek medium and shake cultures yielded better results than stationary cultures. however, antigens from stationary cultures in aoac medium incubated at 30 degrees c for 3 weeks were equally as good as antigens obtained from 2-week-old shake cultures. antigens from 11 selected str ...197782195
glucose and phosphorus utilization by two dermatophytes.trichophyton mentagrophytes and aspergillus fumigatus dissimilated glucose through emp pathway. oxygen and inorganic phosphorus were found to control the rate and extent of glucose metabolism.197994752
determination of the minimal inhibitory concentration of amphotericin b and miconazole for 21 strains of aspergillus.the susceptibility of 21 strains of aspergillus (11 of a. fumigatus, 8 of a, niger, and 2 of a. flavus) isolated from human pathologic specimens to amphotericin b and miconazole has been comparatively studied. determination of the minimal inhibitory concentration of both drugs in a liquid medium showed a noticeably variability for the different strains. the values obtained for amphotericin b varied between 0.25 microgram/ml (2 strains) and 1.25 microgram/ml (5 strains) after 48 hours, and betwee ...1978104180
[electron microscopic aspects of opportunistic fungi after pretreatment].the ultrastructive of aspergillus fumigatus, aspergillus flavus and aspergillus niger was studied when treated in vitro with 0.001, 0.01 and 0.1% econazole nitrate and econazole base. the very first morphological alterations appear faster than in normal-growing fungus and consist in a convoluted cytoplasmic membrane, large mesosomes and lomasomes and an extensive vacuolization. acid phosphatase is found in the mesosomes and lomasomes and also in the center of the vacuoles. this is an early sign ...1979114432
[saphrophytic life of opportunistic fungi].probably all pathogenic fungi can cause opportunistic infections in compromised hosts. this paper briefly reviews our knowledge on the saprophytic life - geographic distribution and habitat - of the most common pathogenic fungi. some mycoses are of endogenous origin - e.g. candida albicans is an endosaprophyte - others of epigenon origin - e.g. pityrosporum ovale is an episaprophyte - but most mycoses are caused by fungi which have an exosaprophytic (or exosaprobic) life: one becomes infected af ...1979114433
[fungi in pulmonary pathology].the author presents the most frequently observed pulmonary infections due to some opportunistic fungi (yeast, aspergillus, mucor). he describes the criterial for a correct diagnosis of pulmonary mycosis.1979114435
role of aspergillus and candida species in allergic bronchopulmonary mycoses. a comparative study.allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (abpa) and allergic bronchopulmonary candidiasis (abpc) has been diagnosed in 20 and 13 cases respectively with one case in common, on the basis of laboratory and clinical findings. most of the abpa cases (60%) diagnosed had an early onset of respiratory symptoms, i.e. below the age of 30 years, while most of abpc cases (69%) had a late onset of respiratory symptoms, i.e. after the age of 30 years. the precipitin bands in abpa and abpc were r-type and h-ty ...1979118528
a solid-phase radioimmunoassay for the measurement of antibody to aspergillus in invasive aspergillosis.a solid-phase radioimmunoassay (spria) to measure antibody responses to aspergillus fumigatus and aspergillus flavus antigens in invasive aspergillosis (ia) was developed and compared with immunodiffusion (id) and counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie). spria detected significant elevations in levels of aspergillus antibody in 15 (79)% of 19 patients with ia. fewer patients with ia were positive by id (give of 19) or cie (four of 19). only seven )8%) of 58 subjects with other fungal or bacterial inf ...1979118999
aerometric study of viable fungus spores in an animal care facility.studies of airborn fungi were undertaken to evaluate exposure risks for laboratory animals and human handlers which might lead to allergic or invasive disease. although sporadically high fungus levels were encountered, counts of viable fungus particles were in general low. recoveries on malt extract agar significantly exceeded those on sabouraud dextrose agar. the taxa most frequently and abundantly recovered were penicillium species. data analyses suggest that 'clean' bedding material may be th ...1979119110
treatment of fungal infections with miconazole.the present study reports on 15 patients with confirmed or suspected secondary fungal infection, who were treated with intravenous miconazole and a daily dose of 0.4 to 28 g (mean 9.8 g). the mycological findings confirmed infection with aspergillus fumigatus in 6 patients and severe infection with candida albicans in 4. clinically mycological cures were achieved in 4 patients and some improvement was found in 3 others. the excellent patient tolerance of the drug makes it seem a likely treatment ...1977122648
[on the serodiagnosis of aspergillosis: comparison of various aspergillus extracts (author's transl)]. 1979121207
[dynamics of immunological reactions in patients operated for aspergilloma]. 1979117881
characterization of antigens from aspergillus fumigatus. iv. evaluation of commercial and experimental preparations and fractions in the detection of antibody in aspergillosis.commercially available preparations of aspergillus fumigatus, experimental extracts and fractions of a. fumigatus, and extracts of 5 other aspergilli were evaluated in a blind manner for their abilities to detect antibody in 66 serum specimens from patients with aspergilloma, allergic bronchopulmonary and invasive aspergillosis, and unconfirmed aspergillosis. rocket immunoelectrophoresis was more sensitive than immunodiffusion in 2 dimensions. although qualitative differences in antigen composit ...1979117731
[disseminated aspergillosis in a loon].a case is described of generalized mycosis in a diver of the species gavia arctica, caused by the fungus aspergillus fumigatus. the organism of the bird was so much damaged that the bird died. there is a detailed description of the mycological characteristics of the invading agent and a description of the histopathological changes in the primarily affected organ -- the lungs. further, a survey is presented of the orders of freely living birds and birds in captivity in which aspergillosis has bee ...1979117594
antigens and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. 1978147280
[changes in sperm ultrastructure of bulls with decreased sperm activity and freezability].a decrease of sperm freezability occurred at the k. breeding station, and this situation lasted longer than a year. out of the 2550 ejaculates taken from 42 breeding bulls within 12 months, 685, i.e. 26.7%, were unfit for use immediately after sperm collection, mostly owing to a low activity of spermatozoa and pathological forms of their motility, and another 469 ejaculates, i. e. 18.3%, were unfit for use after sperm freezing; on the whole, 1154 (i. e. 45.2%) ejaculates had to be excluded. it w ...1979117588
the presence of precipitating antibodies in the sera of horses with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd).the sera of horses affected and not affected with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) were examined for precipitins to micropolyspora faeni and aspergillus fumigatus. precipitins to both antigens were not restricted to copd cases but occurred more frequently in animals affected with copd. many animals without detectable precipitins responded clinically to inhalation challenge with these antigens.1979114387
enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for igg and ige antibodies to protein and polysaccharide antigens of aspergillus fumigatus.elisa has emerged as a useful alternative to other more costly and complex tests. polystyrene microhaemagglutination plates have been used as solid phase to absorb aspergillus fumigatus protein and polysaccharide components for detection of specific antibodies in patients with various forms of pulmonary aspergillosis. igg and ige antibodies to the polysaccharide as well as the protein allergens have been found. for the ige test a double antibody technique has been developed, which is more sensit ...1979113131
pathogens, their sources and control--part two. 1975162781
filtering hospital air decreases aspergillus spore counts.we performed counts of airborne spores in a hospital with filtered air where a decrease in nosocomial infection with aspergillus organisms had been documented. for comparison, similar studies were performed at a nearby general hospital in a ward with open windows. the total spore count inside the hospital with filtered air was significantly less than inside the ward with open windows. the total count of aspergillus organisms in the filtered air was significantly less than that in the room with o ...1979109022
[infectious causes of perinatal mortalities in ruminants (author's transl)].the advantages and disadvantages of the different diagnostic techniques e.g. pathological and microbiological studies, immunoglobulin and specific antibody determinations and fluorescent antibody studies in relation to these mortalities are discussed. the most important pathological lesions in the placentas and foetuses are described.1978215769
the preparation and chemical composition of fractions from aspergillus fumigatus wall and protoplasts possessing antigenic activity.a detergent-soluble fraction was prepared from the fragmented wall of aspergillus fumigatus mycelium using the non-ionic detergent triton x-100, and a wall-free extract was prepared from the same source in the form of protoplasts, released by a lytic enzyme system from trichoderma harzianum. these extracts were examined by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and their detailed chemical composition was established. they were compared with the water-soluble fraction prepared from total mycelium, wh ...1979225408
invasive aspergillosis in acute leukemia: correlation with nose cultures and antibiotic use.aspergillosis in cancer patients is a problem. because not all patients can undergo invasive procedures, we sought other methods for diagnosis. we reviewed the data from all patients with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia treated at our center during a 3-year period. of 125 patients, 18 had invasive aspergillosis (cases). eleven patients had nose cultures growing aspergillus flavus or a. fumigatus; 10 of these 11 had aspergillosis, whereas only eight of 114 without such nose cultures had invasive di ...1979105657
[randomised investigations of some tyrolean swimming pools for the presence of trichomonas vaginalis and pathogenic fungi (author's transl)].trichomonads were not demonstrated either microscopically or by culture in water samples from 15 public open air swimming pools in the tyrol. on the other hand, a small number of pathogenic fungi (candida albicans, trichophyton mentagrophytes, tr. verrucosum) were cultured from pool water with a free chlorine content of less than 0.35 mg/l (dpd 1). dermatophytes could also be demonstrated by cultures of the coatings on the surfaces of tiles in the showers, and of pool surrounding-and cabin tract ...1975239503
characterization of antigens from aspergillus fumigatus. ii. fractionation and electrophoretic, immunologic, and biologic activity.mycelial extracts of aspergillus fumigatus grown in completely synthetic medium were fractionated by precipitation with ammonium sulfate, by ion-exchange chromatography, and by gel filtration. the fractions were characterized chemically, by analytic polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, and by tests for serologic and biologic activity. the distribution of the antigens in the fractions was determined by double diffusion in gel and fused-rocket immunoelectrophoresis. activity greater than that of th ...1978101104
characterization of antigens from aspergillus fumigatus. i. preparation of antigens from organisms grown in completely synthetic medium.aspergillus fumigatus was found to grow well in completely synthetic asparagine glycerol medium. four-day-old mycelia were totally disrupted by vigorous mechanical shaking with 0.45-micrometer glass beads. such mechanically produced extracts contained at least 52 precipitating antigens. the number of protein and carbohydrate components was maximal in 4-day-old organisms and decreased in older cultures. conversely, the number of components in culture filtrates increased with longer incubation per ...1978101103
[effect of fungicides on aspergilus fungi]. 1977100848
mycological and serological studies in the diagnosis of various forms of pulmonary aspergillosis. 197898837
therapy of murine aspergillosis with amphotericin b in combination with rifampin of 5-fluorocytosine.suboptimal doses of amphotericin b in combination with either rifampin or 5-fluorocytosine were better than single-drug therapy in the treatment of disseminated aspergillus fumigatus infection in mice. despite the increased effectiveness of combination therapy, none of the therapeutic regimens we used completely eradicated infections in the mice when evaluated by mycological culture, even in long-term survivors.1977319750
occurrence of spores of thermophilic fungi in the air at bombay. 1977320470
improved methods of producing precipitating aspergillus antigens.improved methods for producing aspergillus fumigatus antigens capable of giving sensitive and reproducible results by counterimmunoelectrophoresis (ciep) are described. among the factors investigated were the source of casein hydrolysate used for n source, method of incubating the ciep slide following a run, effect of freeze pressing and lyophilization, age of culture and ratio of c to n source in the medium.1977320920
characterization of antigens from aspergillus fumigatus. iii. comparison of antigenic relationships of clinically important aspergilli.antigenic relationships between strains of aspergillus fumigatus, aspergillus fumigatus var. elipticus, aspergillus phialiseptus, aspergillus flavus, and aspergillus niger were analyzed by fused rocket immunoelectrophoresis and by skin tests. seventy-three to 89 % of the numbers of antigens detected between strains and species of the a. fumigatus series were shared. the degree of sharing between antigens of a. flavus, a. fumigatus series, and a. niger was much lower and ranged from 19 to 35 %. i ...197992906
interspecific protoplast fusion and complementation in aspergilli. 1977321242
examination of the effect of age and acquired immunity on the susceptibility of mice to infection with aspergillus cba mice showed considerably greater resistance to experimental infection with aspergillus fumigatus than young animals of the same strain (p less than 0.01). furthermore, in contrast with the young mice, the susceptibility of the adults was only moderately increased by treatment with cortico-steroids. on the other hand, immunosuppressive treatments producing severe depression of lymphocyte function greatly increased susceptibility to lethal infection and promoted fungal growth in a wide r ...1977321970
counterimmunoelectrophoresis and opportunistic fungal infections.sera from 35 apparently normal humans, 37 compromised human patients, 30 hedgehogs and 30 sheep, were examined for precipitating antibodies to four opportunistic fungi - absidia corymbifera, aspergillus fumigatus, candida albicans and rhizopus arrhizus-using counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie). precipitins to a. fumigatus were almost exclusively confined to specimens obtained from the compromised human group (51% of those examined) while candida precipitating antibodies were detected in the sera ...1977321971
germination of aspergillus fumigatus conidia in the lungs of normal and cortisone-treated mice.inhaled conidia of aspergillus fumigatus germinated in the lungs of mice at a low rate but both germinated and ungerminated spores were cleared. spores germinated at a high rate in the lungs of cortisone-treated mice.1977323999
aspergillosis in imported outbreak of aspergillosis in imported penguins caused by aspergillus fumigatus is described. the birds probably acquired the infection from the country of origin or during their transportation. predisposing circumstances are discussed.1977324000
a comparative study of antigens of aspergillus fumigatus isolates from patients and soil of ornamental plants in the immunodiffusion test.the strikingly frequent and constant presence of aspergillus fimigatus in the soil of potted ornamental plants kept in private houses and hospitals has been the reason for studying the antigens of the strains found from the diagnostic and epidemiological angles. culture-filtrate antigens of a. fumigatus strains isolated from the soil of 4 different ornamental plants, epiphyllum (epiphyllum truncatum), orange tree (citrus sinensis), alpine rose (azalea indica) and christmas flower (euphorbia pulc ...197883753
cytophilic antibodies in bronchopulmonary aspergilloma and cryptogenic pulmonary eosinophilia.the immunoglobulin class and subclass of cytophilic antibodies have been studied using peripheral leucocytes from twenty-two patients with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, aspergilloma and cryptogenic pulmonary eosinophilia. in patients with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, significantly increased histamine liberation occurred following challenge of their leucocytes with antisera to ige, igg2, igg3 and igg4 as well as with aspergillus fumigatus antigen. the results were considera ...197663346
the influence of 5-fluorocytosine on nucleic acid synthesis in candida albicans, cryptococcus neoformans, and aspergillus fumigatus.5-fluorocytosine (5-fc) has a rapid inhibitory effect on the synthesis of rna and dna in the yeast and hyphal form of candida albicans. 5-fc has a less marked effect on the rna and dna content of sensitive strains of cryptococcus neoformans and has no effect on the nucleic acid content of aspergillus fumigatus nor of resistant strains of c. albicans and c. neoformans. 5-fc has a slower inhibitory effect on yeast cell number increase and no effect on hyphal length of hyphal phase c. albicans over ...1977324722
positive controls for fungal detection in tissue sections.lyophilized histoplasma capsulatum, coccidioides immitis, blastomyces dermatitidis and aspergillus fumigatus are rehydrated, evenly dispersed, and made into smears using a bacteriological loop and alcohol-cleaned slides. smears are air dried for 15 minutes, fixed in concentrated formaldehyde fumes for 30 minutes, postfixed for one hour in ten per cent buffered formaldehyde, and stored at room temperature. these preparations are used as positive controls for the grocott stain as recommended for c ...197660881
sporulation and spore liberation in aspergillus fumigatus. 1977325416
serum concentration of specific ige antibody against aspergillus fumigatus and identification of the fungal allergen. 197658749
[the aspergillus sinusitis (author's transl)]. 1977327467
paranasal aspergilloma caused by an albino variant of aspergillus unusual case of aspergilloma in the maxillary sinus caused by an albino variant of aspergillus fumigatus var ellipticus is presented. removal of the fungus ball by a left caldwell-luc procedure resulted in complete recovery for the patient. this case is the 17th culturally proven case of paranasal aspergilloma caused by a fumigatus, the third case reported from the united states, the first case due to aspergillosis caused by an albino strain of a fumigatus.1977327569
serological investigations in 15 cases of bird fanciers disease.serological studies in 15 patients with bird fanciers disease are reported. quantitative analysis of serum proteins showed elevation of igg in almost every case. high ige was observed in three patients with isolated asthmatic reactions. in four patients alpha1-antitrypsin was transiently diminished. two of these had heterozygous deficiency of this protein (genotype ms and mz). precipitins against avian sera and avian droppings were found in all patients, but also in some exposed and nonexposed c ...197655391
glycoprotein enzymes secreted by aspergillus fumigatus: purification and properties of a second beta-glucosidase.a second extracellular beta-glucosidase (betalarge) of aspergillus fumigatus was purified to homogeneity and shown to be a glycoprotein, as determined by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis followed by staining for protein and for carbohydrate. its molecular weight was approximately 340,000 by gel filtration, while sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis gave an apparent molecular weight of 170,000, suggesting that the enzyme has two subunits. the glucosidase contained covalentl ...197551848
[process of fumigatin and spinulosin formation by aspergillus fumigatus fres and polarographic assay of these toxins (author's transl)].a strain of aspergillus fumigatus (fresenius) isolated from a milk food for calves was grown on a culture medium containing added saccharose. the purpose was to study the synthesis of two recently discovered mycotoxins, fumigatin and spinulosin. the work was performed under many different conditions of temperature, ph and inoculum. these mycotoxins were measured by analytical differential pulse polarography. correlations were observed between the growth rate of a. fumigatus and variation in ph o ...197831124
phosphate uptake and involvement of binding protein in tween-80 supplemented culture of aspergillus fumigatus.tween-80 supplementation in submerged culture of aspergillus fumigatus resulted in an increase of phosphate uptake. the uptake system was characterized as saturable, energy-dependent and operating against the concentration gradient. control and tween 80 cultures showed similar km values for phosphate uptake (50 micrometer). cold osmotic shock treatment of the cultures was found to cause considerable reduction in the ability to take up phosphorus with concomitant release of the binding protein in ...197718385
studies on the toxin of aspergillus fumigatus. vii. purification and some properities of hemolytic toxin (asp-hemolysin) from culture filtrates and mycelia.a hemolytic toxin has been obtained from mycelia and culture filtrates of aspergillus fumigatus by the procedures that included precipitation with ammonium sulfate, chromatography of deae-sephadex, affinity chromatography on concanavalin a-sepharose and gell filtration on sephadex g-50, g-100 and g-150. the purified homolytic toxin was homogeneous on immunological and disk electrophoretic analysis, and the toxin from culture filtrates was identical with that from mycelia by the immunodiffusion t ...197716196
mycotoxicoses. 197615366
kinetics of mucous cells in bronchial and bronchiolar epithelia during aerogenic elicitation with aspergillary proteins. a quantitative cytologic study.during a prolonged exposure of rabbits to aerosols with asperigillary antigens, the content of bronchial and bronchiolar epithelia in mucus-secreting cells was quantified. in normals, the mucous cells do not exceed 3.2 per cent in bronchial epithelium and 0.44 per cent in bronchiolar one. after exposure, these proportions rapidly increase, after a primary discharge of goblet cells. the mucous cells become a majority after 7 exposures in bronchi and after 21 in bronchiolar epithelium. the maturat ...1975129684
evidence that aspergillus fumigatus growing in the airway of man can be a potent stimulus of specific and nonspecific ige formation.serum ige levels in patients with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis are elevated but the degree of elevation varies markedly. serum ige levels in patients with aspergillomas may be strikingly elevated or normal. absorption of serums with antigens of aspergillus fumigatus combined with a solid phase radioimmunoassay technic demonstrated that both immunoglobulin e (ige) and immunoglobulin g (igg) antibody activity against a. fumigatus were markedly reduced without a parallel reduction in ser ...1977329672
experimental pulmonary aspergillosis in sensitized rabbits. 1977142913
enzymatic release of iron from sideramines in fungi. nadh:sideramine oxidoreductase in neurospora crassa.young mycelia of the fungus neurospora crassa contain a soluble nadh-linked sideramine reductase, which may be responsible for liberating iron in vivo from accumulated sideramines during iron-deficient cultivation. the enzymes can be assayed using a soluble supernatant fraction, edta, and an atmosphere of pure nitrogen. the enzyme is stable without loss of activity up to 45 degrees c and has an optimum of activity at ph 7.0. besides coprogen (km = 100 micrometer, v=2.8 nmol/min per mg protein), ...1977144535
[aspergillosis of the brain].a case of aspergillosis of the brain in a 49-year old woman is described. in view of the fact that there were no inflammatory changes in other organs, the assumption was put forward that the fungus had penetrated into the brain by the otogenic way, or through the accessory nasal sinuses. the results of experimental infection of laboratory animals aimed at obtaining a model of meningoencephalitis are discussed. it was shown that spores of the aspergillus fumigatus fungus in low concentrations int ...1977332126
the metabolism of phenylacetic acid by aspergillus fumigatus atcc 28282: identification of 2,6-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid.aspergillus fumigatus atcc 28282 converted phenylacetic acid into a new dihydroxylated compound (2,6-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid) which was identified as 2,6-dimethoxyphenylacetic acid methyl ester. two other new metabolites have been isolated also and identified as orthohydroxyphenylacetic acid and meta-hydroxyphenylacetic acid.1977332293
circulating immune complexes and activation of the complement sequence in acute allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis.a 13-yr-old asthmatic girl with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (abpa) exhibited eosinophilia, ige hypergammaglobulinemia, serum precipitins to aspergillus, a dual skin reaction to aspergillus fumigatus, and positive, lymphocyte transformation in vitro in response to stimulation with aspergillus fumigatus antigen. the acute phase of the disease was characterized by an increase in blood eosinophilia, a rise in serum ige, circulating immune complexes, and evidence of activation of the comp ...1977144747
studies on the mode of action of 5-fluorocytosine in aspergillus species.the mode of action of 5-fluorocytosine (5-fc) was studied in three isolates of pathogenic aspergillus with varying degrees of susceptibility to the drug. distribution studies showed that susceptibility or resistance to 5-fc was not dependent on uptake of the drug. while only a small percentage of the total 5-fc taken up was found in the rna fraction of the cells, most remained in the acid-soluble intracellular pool. 5-fc, 5-fluorouracil (5-fu) and 5-fluorodeoxyuridine monophosphate (5-fd-ump) we ...1979156110
safety evaluation of aspergillus fumigatus grown on cassava for use as an animal feed.a safety evaluation of aspergillus fumigatus i21, grown in a cassava carbohydrate and salts medium, was undertaken. male weanling rats were fed the fungus at 20, 30 and 40% of the diet for 90 days. a control group was given soybean oil meal as the sole source of protein. weekly determinations of the body weights and feed consumptions were made. a few days prior to termination of the feeding study, a kidney function test was undertaken on the rats. at the end of the feeding period hematology, blo ...1977336162
[control of aspergillus fumigatus infections during a clinical stay]. 1979161380
[mycoses of the sinus]. 1979162345
sterol metabolism during germination of conidia of aspergillus fumigatus.the sterol content of germinating conidia of the opportunistic pathogenic fungus aspergillus fumigatus has been correlated with germination phase and sensitivity to polyene antibiotics. the sterol and sterol ester contents of walls did not change during germination. the sterol ester content of membranes and cell sap remained constant during germination, whereas the sterol content increased during the outgrowth of germ tubes. on the basis of differential extraction studies it was concluded that t ...1977336840
bronchial provocation tests in etiologic diagnosis and analysis of asthma. 1975173214
[action of migillin on its own producer, asp. fumigatus].addition of migillin to the nutrient medium at early stages of the fungus development induced at one hand inhibition of the fungus growth during the first 24-48 hours and stimulation of the biomass accumulation during the following hours of the development and on the other hand it induced inactivation of migillin added and inhibition of production of the "own" antibiotic. the migillin effect was accompanied by a delay in liberation of the substance with adsorption at 260nm from the mycelium.1975237468
simultaneous disseminated aspergillosis and zygomycosis in a leukemic patient.although the incidence of fungal infections is increasing, infections caused by more than one fungus are rare. we have described the clinical, pathologic, and mycologic findings in a leukemic patient with simultaneous pulmonary infection and systemic dissemination caused by aspergillus fumigatus and rhizopus sp.1979290047
vertebral aspergillosis with preservation of the disc. 1977338084
diagnosing allergic bronchopulmonay aspergillosis. 1977338111
[prophylaxis of fungal contamination (author's transl)].increased contamination by facultative pathogens such as coliforms and related gram-negative bacteria and candida albicans in hospital areas of risk endangers the benefits of medical care and causes great concern. the patient himself is the predominant source of nosocomial infections. furthermore the medical staff, ward personnel, and contaminated environment must be incriminated. by proper decontamination of certain groups of high-risk patients and of their surroundings as well as by interrupti ...1977339017
[bacterial and fungal rhino-sinusitis]. 1977339339
bronchocentric granulomatosis: a complication of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis.hypersensitivity to the fungal antigens of aspergillus fumigatus may result in a spectrum of immune injury collectively known as allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (abpa). this report describes a 14-yr-old boy who presented clinical findings consistent with abpa,including a history of asthma, blood eosinophilia, serum precipitins, and ige antibodies to aspergillus fumigatus. sputum aspergillus, pulmonary infiltrates, and dual types i and iii skin reactions to aspergillus fumigatus were obse ...1977319138
severe persistent biphasic local (immediate and late) skin reactions to insulin.a patient with adult-onset insulin-requirging diabetes mellitus had persistent severe local reactions to all available insulins of animal origin. skin reactions were biphasic in nature with both immediate and late characteristics. an extensive immunologic investigation of this problem was undertaken, revealing evidence of reaginic antibody involvement in the reactions. routine histologic studies suggested the possibility that arthus-type mechanisms played a part, although this impression was not ...1977319142
[allergy to house dust in patients with asthma. iii. ige level and specific ige antibodies against house dust allergens, dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, aspergillus fumigatus and cladosporium herbarum in the serum of patients with asthma]. 1977319433
epidemiologic aspects of allergic aspergillosis.the incidence of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (aba) seems much less in the united states than in great britain. the suggestion that there are differences in the atmospheric burden of a. fumigatus prompted the authors to evaluate skin reactivity to a. fumigatus in their clinic population. immediate skin reactivity was found significantly less than to alternaria, a common midwest mold. because of the association of a. fumigatus with decaying vegetation, compost piles in the st. louis ar ...1977320921
aspiration biopsy in plumonary opportunistic infections. 1977324215
diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis by fiberoptic transbronchial lung biopsy. 1978340719
asthmatic pulmonary eosinophilia: a review of 65 a series of 65 patients with asthma with pulmonary eosinophilia 54 were adequately investigated for allergic aspergillosis and this was present in 32 (59%). asthma with pulmonary eosinophilia was found to carry a relatively poor prognosis in terms of permanent symptoms, impairment of pulmonary function and residual radiographic abnormality. the prognosis was least favourable when allergic aspergillosis was associated with long-standing asthma. on the other hand there was a group of patients w ...1977324510
natural occurrence of aspergillus fumigatus in cane sugar mills.the environmental distribution of aspergillus fumigatus in 2 cane-sugar mills and one paper factory in northern india is compared with 2 localities in delhi. the preponderance of the species at the u.d. sugar mills, shamli, was contrary to its low prevalence in the university of delhi campus and at subzimandi, the vegetable and fruit market of delhi. aspergillus fumigatus accounted for 42.5% of the total aerial fungal colony counts recorded in the shamli mills as against 2% in delhi. the predomi ...1977341368
[experimental studies in animals on the influence of fluocortin butylester on the course of generalized infections (author's transl)].the influence of butyl 6alpha-fluoro-11beta-hydroxy-16alpha-methyl-3,20-dioxo-1,4-pregnadien-21-oate (fluocortin butylester, vaspit), a new corticosteroidal compound with a marked dissociation between local antiinflammatory and systemic action, upon resistance against infections was studied in experimental bacterial and fungal infections in mice. the results of the experiments showed, that fluocortin butylester, even after repeated s.c. or oral administration of dosages up to 100 mg/kg did not d ...1977341900
treatment with antifungal vaccines. 1977342190
four years experience with dura mater cardiac valves.the clinical use of homologous dura mater cardiac valves was begun in january 1971. between january 1971 and may 1975, 751 patients received 849 dura mater valves: 428 mitral, 365 aortic, 52 tricuspid and 4 pulmonary. the hospital mortality observed in this series was 13.6% and late mortality was 2.5%. the main causes of death were low-output syndrome in the immediate post-operative period or cardiac failure in the late post-operative period, due to myocardial impairment. paravalvular leaks and ...1977325013
[studies on the toxin of aspergillus fumigatus. viii. biological properties of asp-hemolysin (author's transl)]. 1977342741
[apropos of a case of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis with subadjacent aspergilloma]. 1977343198
"fruiting bodies" of aspergillus on the skin of a burned patient.a case of a young man with an extensive total-body-surface burn complicated by wound infection is presented. one of the fungal organisms in the cutaneous burn wound had morphologically characteristic and diagnostic features by development of conidiophores ("fruiting bodies") pathognomonic of aspergillus spp.1978343572
the uptake of aspergillus fumigatus protein by serum igg antibody from patients with pulmonary aspergillosis.a method is presented for measuring the uptake of aspergillus fumigatus protein by igg antibodies from human serum. the human igg is first isolated with an anti-igg conjugated immunosorbent and then incubated with radio-iodinated a. fumigatus protein. a group of twenty-three control sera gave the same background levels as tests without sera. the highest uptake of a. fumigatus protein was given by the sera of patients with aspergilloma, and lower values were obtained with six out of thirteen sera ...1977326434
infection in the renal transplant patient. 1978344880
examination of the immunoglobulin classes involved in the serological response of pregnant sheep to aspergillus fumigatus.pregnant sheep inoculated with aspergillus fumigatus conidia developed agglutinating and precipitating antibodies for mycelial antigens. the agglutinins were initially exclusively of the igm class, but were later supplemented by igg antibodies, although igm production was usually sustained throughout the serological response. precipitins active in the immunodiffusion test were of the igg class. they developed later in the immune response than agglutinins and declined more rapidly. the precipitin ...1978345491
surgical treatment of pulmonary aspergilloma.fourteen patients with aspergilloma (fungus ball) were reviewed. hemoptysis was the major symptom (93%). chest roentgenograms disclosed a "fungus ball" in every patient, and the mycelia of aspergillus fumigatus were recovered from all resected specimens. one of three patients treated by pneumonectomy died post-operatively. a lobectomy was performed in ten patients, and segmental resection in one without mortality or significant morbidity. there has been no evidence of recurrence in a follow up o ...1977327952
collection and cultivation of and phagocytosis by pulmonary macrophages obtained from hysterectomy-derived pigs.methods were developed for procuring phagocytically active macrophages from porcine lung with minimal damage to respiratory tissues. procedures included anesthetizing, surgically introducing a t-shaped tracheal catheter, and repeatedly flushing the respiratory tract. macrophages collected in this manner were characterized as to numbers, types, and phagocytic activity, nonselective lavage of the pulmonary airways of unstimulated and stimulated (evoking agent: thioglycolate medium) animals yielded ...1978345891
bilateral endogenous endophthalmitis successfully treated with 5-fluorocytosine. 1977346120
[incorporation of glycine and serine in sideramines of the ferrichrome type with fungi of the genus aspergillus in vivo and in vitro (author's transl)].a 1.6-11.8% incorporation of labelled glycine and serine into ferrichrome, ferricrocin and ferrichrysin has been achieved with four strains of aspergillus in vivo. cell-free extracts of aspergillus fumigatus and a. quadricinctus capable of cyclohexa-peptide biosynthesis have been prepared.1977327964
maize silage: incidence of moulds during conservation.the basic principle of silage making--preservation under anaerobiosis--is recognized. with this environment the substrate can harbour a spontaneous and active microflora that can be divided into two sequential phases; a bacterial phase followed by a yeast phase. the imperfections of the techniques used in making silage, however, frequently result in invasion by fungi. the moulds that are responsible for serious changes (loss of nutrients, mycotoxins) are classified into a dozen characteristic di ...1977328359
mycotoxins produced by aspergillus fumigatus species isolated from molded silage. 1977328548
precipitating factors in respiratory allergic disease in indonesian test results and ige antibody levels measured by rast indicate that hypersensitivity to house dust mite (d. pteronyssinus) is a major feature of asthma and allergic rhinitis in indonesian children. total serum ige levels were higher in the allergic than in control children. 60% (twenty-one out of thirty-five) of the asthmatic children and 56% (five out of nine) of the children with allergic rhinitis had ige antibodies to the helminth ascaris lumbricoides compared with none out of four contr ...1978348344
allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis in a cane-sugar mill.allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis is reported in two (1.5%) of 131 workers occupationally exposed to aspergillus fumigatus at the u.d. sugar mills, shamli. twelve of the workers revealed type i (9.2%) and three (2.8%) type iii skin hypersensitivity against with fungus. serum preciptins were demonstrated in two out of 44 workers and positive sputum cultures in 26 out of 58 workers. it is suggested that constitutional predisposition of the host may be a more important factor than the extent ...1977329408
studies in chronic allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. 3. immunological findings.precipitin tests by two different methods, double-diffusion (dd) and counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie), and measurements of total and specific ige against aspergillus fumigatus were made in 50 patients with chronic allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis and in three control groups--atopics with a positive immediate prick test to a. fumigatus but no evidence of allergic aspergillosis, atopics with a negative prick test to a. fumigatus, and non-atopics. precipitins were found in 84% and 78% of t ...1977329461
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