creptotrema agonostomi n. sp. (trematoda: allocreadiidae) from the intestine of freshwater fish of méxico.creptotrema agonostomi n. sp. is described from the mugilid fish agonostomus monticola from río cuitzmala, jalisco, east méxico, from río las palmas and río máquinas, veracruz, west méxico, and from the ictalurid, ictalurus balsanus from río chontalcoatlán, guerrero, east méxico. it is distinguished from other species of creptotrema by its small size, large acetabulum with vertical incision, cirrus sac not reaching the posterior border of acetabulum, and very small eggs, measuring 0.041-0.057 x ...19989580545
observations on cucullanid nematodes from freshwater fishes in mexico, including dichelyne mexicanus sp. n.a new cucullanid nematode, dichelyne mexicanus sp. n., is described from the intestine of three species of fishes, agonostomus monticola (bancroft) (mugilidae, perciformes) (type host), ictalurus balsanus (jordan et snyder) (ictaluridae, siluriformes) and cichlasoma beani (jordan) (cichlidae, perciformes), from three rivers (la maquina river, veracruz; chontalcoatlán river, guerrero and santiago river, nayarit) in central mexico. this species is characterised by the absence of a ventral sucker i ...199910730201
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