invasive mutualisms between a plant pathogen and insect vectors in the middle east and brazil.complex multi-trophic interactions in vectorborne diseases limit our understanding and ability to predict outbreaks. arthropod-vectored pathogens are especially problematic, with the potential for novel interspecific interactions during invasions. variations and novelties in plant-arthropod-pathogen triumvirates present significant threats to global food security. we examined aspects of a phytoplasma pathogen of citrus across two continents. 'candidatus phytoplasma aurantifolia' causes witches' ...201628083099
on the chromosomes of two species of jassids (cicadellidae: homoptera).chromosome number and and male meiosis of hishimonus phycitis and chiasmus arori of the sub-family deltocephalinae (family: cicadellidae) is discussed. the diploid chromosome number in h. phycitis was found to be 2n = 11-12 with a sex-mechanism of the xo:xx type, while 2n = 16 with a sex-mechanism of xx:xy has been observed in the case of chiasmus arori. the gonial chromosomes in h. phycitis are gradually seriated, while the diploid complement of c. arori is characterized by a pair of large chro ...19807471812
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