cross-reactive antibodies in convalescent sars patients' sera against the emerging novel human coronavirus emc (2012) by both immunofluorescent and neutralizing antibody tests.a severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars)-like disease due to a novel betacoronavirus, human coronavirus emc (hcov-emc), has emerged recently. hcov-emc is phylogenetically closely related to tylonycteris-bat-coronavirus-hku4 and pipistrellus-bat-coronavirus-hku5 in hong kong. we conducted a seroprevalence study on archived sera from 94 game-food animal handlers at a wild life market, 28 sars patients, and 152 healthy blood donors in southern china to assess the zoonotic potential and evidence f ...201323583636
the emerging novel middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus: the "knowns" and "unknowns".a novel lineage c betacoronavirus, originally named human coronavirus emc/2012 (hcov-emc) and recently renamed middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov), that is phylogenetically closely related to tylonycteris bat coronavirus hku4 and pipistrellus bat coronavirus hku5, which we discovered in 2007 from bats in hong kong, has recently emerged in the middle east to cause a severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars)-like infection in humans. the first laboratory-confirmed case, which in ...201323883791
[a novel coronavirus, mers-cov].a novel human coronavirus was identified in saudi arabia and qatar as the causative agent of severe acute respiratory diseases in 2012. the virus was termed middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov) and is taken notice of important coronavirus caused severe diseases to human after the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars) coronavirus. there is a lot of unknown characterization regarding mers-cov because of less than one year after finding the first case. mers-cov was ...201324769571
genomic characterization of a newly discovered coronavirus associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome in humans.a novel human coronavirus (hcov-emc/2012) was isolated from a man with acute pneumonia and renal failure in june 2012. this report describes the complete genome sequence, genome organization, and expression strategy of hcov-emc/2012 and its relation with known coronaviruses. the genome contains 30,119 nucleotides and contains at least 10 predicted open reading frames, 9 of which are predicted to be expressed from a nested set of seven subgenomic mrnas. phylogenetic analysis of the replicase gene ...201223170002
genetic relatedness of the novel human group c betacoronavirus to tylonycteris bat coronavirus hku4 and pipistrellus bat coronavirus hku5.the recent outbreak of severe respiratory infections associated with a novel group c betacoronavirus (hcov-emc) from saudi arabia has drawn global attention to another highly probable "sars-like" animal-to-human interspecies jumping event in coronavirus (cov). the genome of hcov-emc is most closely related to tylonycteris bat coronavirus hku4 (ty-batcov hku4) and pipistrellus bat coronavirus hku5 (pi-batcov hku5) we discovered in 2006. phylogenetically, hcov-emc is clustered with ty-batcov hku4/ ...201226038405
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