prosorhynchus maternus sp. n. (digenea: bucephalidae) from the malabar grouper epinephelus malabaricus (perciformes: serranidae) off new caledonia.a new species, prosorhynchus maternus sp. n., is described from the serranid fish epinephelus malabaricus (bloch et schneider) in the waters off new caledonia. it belongs to a group of prosorhynchus species from serranids in which the uterus is restricted to the postovarian region. its distinguishing features include the vitellarium relatively distant from the rhynchus, the cirrus-sac relatively distant from the posterior testis, the distinctly pre-equatorial mouth and several other somatic rati ...200617120498
the monogenean which lost its clamps.ectoparasites face a daily challenge: to remain attached to their hosts. polyopisthocotylean monogeneans usually attach to the surface of fish gills using highly specialized structures, the sclerotized clamps. in the original description of the protomicrocotylid species lethacotyle fijiensis, described 60 years ago, the clamps were considered to be absent but few specimens were available and this observation was later questioned. in addition, genera within the family protomicrocotylidae have eit ...201324278118
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