identification and characterization of ethanol utilizing fungal flora of oil refinery contaminated soil.the indigenous fungal flora of three oil refinery contaminated sites (bharuch, valsad and vadodara) of india has been documented in the present investigation. a total seventy-five fungal morphotypes were isolated from these sites and out of them, only fifteen isolates were capable of utilizing ethanol (0-8%; v:v) as a sole source of carbon and energy for growth. ten percent ethanol was completely lethal for the growth of all the isolated fungus. biochemical characterization of the potent ethanol ...201424068535
a novel echinocandin mig0310 with anticandida activity from newly isolated fusarium sp. strain isolate and identify an anticandida compound from newly isolated fusarium strain ms-r1 and characterization of its activity against standard and clinical strains of candida.201424674450
o-acyl sugars protect a wild tobacco from both native fungal pathogens and a specialist herbivore.o-acyl sugars (o-as) are abundant trichome-specific metabolites that function as indirect defenses against herbivores of the wild tobacco nicotiana attenuata; whether they also function as generalized direct defenses against herbivores and pathogens remains unknown. we characterized natural variation in o-as among 26 accessions and examined their influence on two native fungal pathogens, fusarium brachygibbosum u4 and alternaria sp. u10, and the specialist herbivore, manduca sexta. at least 15 d ...201728275149
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