declines in migrant shorebird populations from a winter-quarter perspective.many long-distance migrating shorebird (i.e., sandpipers, plovers, flamingos, oystercatchers) populations are declining. although regular shorebird monitoring programs exist worldwide, most estimates of shorebird population trends and sizes are poor or nonexistent. we built a state-space model to estimate shorebird population trends. compared with more commonly used methods of trend estimation, state-space models are more mechanistic, allow for the separation of observation and state process, an ...201525858334
the use of distal rhynchokinesis by birds feeding in water.the use of distal rhynchokinesis, which consists of the movement of the distal part of the upper jaw with respect to the cranium, is well documented in long-billed shorebirds (scolopacidae), commonly being associated with the deep probing feeding method. however, the functional and evolutionary significance of distal rhynchokinesis and other cranial kinesis is unclear. we report for the first time the use and occurrence of distal rhynchokinesis in wild long-billed shorebirds feeding on small pre ...200717951416
shapes and functions of bird-growth models: how to characterise chick postnatal growth.we compare four candidate models (logistic, gompertz, von bertalanffy, and extreme value function) for modelling the growth of birds. we fitted the models to two empirical data sets of chick growth (six biometric measurements) of african black oystercatchers haematopus moquini from south africa and little stints calidris minuta from russia, and identified the best-fitting growth curves by akaike's information criterion. we also determine fitted and derived parameters, including the relative valu ...201021115290
next-generation sequencing of five new avian paramyxoviruses 8 isolates from kazakhstan indicates a low genetic evolution rate over four decades.five avian paramyxoviruses of serotype 8 (apmv-8) were isolated during a study monitoring wild birds in kazakhstan in 2013 and each was further characterized. the viruses were isolated from three white-fronted geese (anser albifrons), one whooper swan (cygnus cygnus), and one little stint (calidris minuta). before our study, only two complete apmv-8 sequences had been reported worldwide since their discovery in the usa and japan in the 1970s. we report the complete genome sequences of the newly ...201829058150
sexual dimorphism in adult little stints (calidris minuta) revealed by dna sexing and discriminant analysis.the sex of an individual organism plays such an important role in its life cycle that researchers must know a bird's sex to interpret key aspects of its biology. the sexes of dimorphic species can be easily distinguished, but sexing monomorphic bird species often requires expensive and time-consuming molecular methods. the little stint (calidris minuta) is a numerous species, monomorphic in plumage but showing a small degree of reversed sexual size dimorphism. females are larger than males but t ...201830123706
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