a yellow fever epizootic in zika forest, uganda, during 1972: part 1: virus isolation and sentinel monkeys.the results of the yellow fever immunity survey of central and east africa reported by sawyer & whitman in 1936 prompted scientists to undertake well-planned epidemiological studies on yellow fever in eastern africa. a yellow fever research institute (the present east african virus research institute) was established at entebbe in 1936 for this purpose. one of the areas where much work has been carried out is a strip of typical tropical forest, the zika forest, 12 kilometres from the institute. ...1977407675
relative abundance and blood feeding behavior of nocturnally active culicine mosquitoes in western 2 sites in western kenya targeted for future malaria vaccine trials, adult culicine mosquitoes were sampled over one year by 5 collection techniques to assess human exposure to potential vectors of pathogens other than malaria. collections included 20,910 females representing 19 species in kisian and 4,312 females of 11 species in saradidi. common species in kisian included culex quinquefasciatus (71.4%), mansonia uniformis (15.8%), ma. africana (6.2%), aedes mcintoshi (2.0%), coquillettidia ...19901973446
the isolation of sindbis virus from the mosquito mansonia (coquillettidia) fuscopennata (theobald) in uganda. 196414249017
composition and genetic diversity of mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) on islands and mainland shores of kenya's lakes victoria and baringo.the lake baringo and lake victoria regions of kenya are associated with high seroprevalence of mosquito-transmitted arboviruses. however, molecular identification of potential mosquito vector species, including morphologically identified ones, remains scarce. to estimate the diversity, abundance, and distribution of mosquito vectors on the mainland shores and adjacent inhabited islands in these regions, we collected and morphologically identified adult and immature mosquitoes and obtained the co ...201627402888
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