azospirillum agricola sp. nov., a nitrogen-fixing species isolated from cultivated soil.a polyphasic approach was used to characterize a novel nitrogen-fixing bacterial strain, designated cc-hih038t, isolated from cultivated soil in taiwan. cells of strain cc-hih038t were gram-stain-negative, facultatively aerobic and spiral-shaped, with motility provided by a single polar flagellum. the 16s rrna gene sequence analysis of strain cc-hih038t showed highest sequence similarity to azospirillum doebereinerae (98.0 %), azospirillum thiophilum (97.5 %), azospirillum rugosum (97.4 %) and a ...201626786719
azospirillum zeae sp. nov., a diazotrophic bacterium isolated from rhizosphere soil of zea mays.two free-living nitrogen-fixing bacterial strains, n6 and n7(t), were isolated from corn rhizosphere. a polyphasic taxonomic approach, including morphological characterization, biolog analysis, dna-dna hybridization, and 16s rrna, cpn60 and nifh gene sequence analysis, was taken to analyse the two strains. 16s rrna gene sequence analysis indicated that strains n6 and n7(t) both belonged to the genus azospirillum and were closely related to azospirillum oryzae (98.7 and 98.8 % similarity, respect ...200718048728
the genetic diversity of culturable nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the rhizosphere of wheat.a total of 17 culturable nitrogen-fixing bacterial strains associated with the roots of wheat growing in different regions of greece were isolated and characterized for plant-growth-promoting traits such as auxin production and phosphate solubilization. the phylogenetic position of the isolates was first assessed by the analysis of the pcr-amplified 16s rrna gene. the comparative sequence analysis and phylogenetic analysis based on 16s rrna gene sequences show that the isolates recovered in this ...201120857096
isolation and identification by 16s rrna sequence analysis of plant growth-promoting azospirilla from the rhizosphere of wheat.the main objective of the present study was to isolate phytohormone-producing, phosphate-solubilizing strains of azospirillum from wheat to be used as inoculants for plant growth promotion. five azospirillum strains were isolated from the rhizosphere of field-grown wheat (triticum aestivum l.), and it was confirmed by box-polymerase chain reaction (pcr) that the isolates were different and not re-isolates of the same strain. sequence analysis of the pcr-amplified 16s rrna gene indicated that fou ...201627133558
characterization of nitrogen-fixing bacteria isolated from field-grown barley, oat, and wheat.diazotrophic bacteria were isolated from the rhizosphere of field-grown triticum aestivum, hordeum vulgare, and avena sativa grown in various regions of greece. one isolate, with the highest nitrogen-fixation ability from each of the eleven rhizospheres, was selected for further characterisation. diazotrophic strains were assessed for plant-growth-promoting traits such as indoleacetic acid production and phosphate solubilisation. the phylogenies of 16s rrna gene of the selected isolates were com ...201121887633
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