experimental infection of the bat tick carios fonsecai (acari: ixodidae) with the rabies virus.this study assessed the viability of the rabies virus in the argasid tick carios fonsecai following experimental infection.201424474026
ticks parasitizing bats (mammalia: chiroptera) in the caatinga biome, this paper, the authors report ticks parasitizing bats from the serra das almas natural reserve (rppn) located in the municipality of crateús, state of ceará, in the semiarid caatinga biome of northeastern brazil. the study was carried out during nine nights in the dry season (july 2012) and 10 nights in the rainy season (february 2013). only bats of the phyllostomidae and mormoopidae families were parasitized by ticks. the species artibeus planirostris and carolia perspicillata were the most ...201627982297
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