similarity and structure of the ectoparasite communities of rockfish species from the southern chilean coast in a temporal scale.the understanding of the patterns and processes underlying the structure of parasite communities has progressed significantly in the last years; however, much of the evidence available to date on parasite community comes from unconfirmed studies. in this study the ectoparasite communities of 2 related rockfishes, sebastes capensis and helicolenus lengerichi, from the southern chilean coast (ca. 40 degrees s) were examined to determine whether their specific compositions are similar, structured i ...200616753080
metazoan parasites of the red rockfish sebastes capensis off northern chile.the parasites of the red rockfish sebastes capensis off northern chile are described quantitatively for the first time and compared with those of congeneric species of the northern hemisphere as well as of other chilean marine fishes. sixteen species were recorded, including 8 ectoparasites (2 copepods, 2 isopods, 1 turbellarian, and 3 monogeneans) and 8 endoparasites (2 acanthocephalans, 3 digeneans, and 3 nematodes). the ectoparasites lepeophtheirus chilensis and caligus cheilodactylus, and th ...19989714211
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