first detection of chlamydia psittaci from a wild native passerine bird in new undertake disease surveillance for chlamydia psittaci in native birds as part of a pilot study to examine pathogen diversity on hauturu-o-toi/little barrier island. to retrospectively review the massey university post-mortem database to determine previous cases of avian chlamydiosis in new zealand.201323227890
size dimorphism and avian-perceived sexual dichromatism in a new zealand endemic bird, the whitehead mohoua differences in behavior, morphology, and physiology are common in animals. in many bird species, differences in the feather colors of the sexes are apparent when judged by human observers and using physical measures of plumage reflectance, cryptic (to human) plumage dichromatism has also been detected in several additional avian lineages. however, it remains to be confirmed in almost all species whether sexual dichromatism is perceivable by individuals of the studied species. this latter ste ...201020058295
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