bertiella studeri (blanchard, 1891) stiles and hassal, 1902 infection in a child--first case from malaysia. 1977564555
the first record of bertiella studeri infection in a child from sri lanka. 19761035853
the pathogenic and zoonotic potentiality of bertiella studeri. 19873128193
bertiella studeri in a mona monkey (cercopithecus mona mona) in nigeria. 19853992823
human infection with bertiella studeri in thailand.bertiella studeri infection in a-26-year old thai female was reported from thailand. the intermittent diarrhoea and evacuation of a segment of the tapeworm brought the patient to the hospital. the parasitological description of the tapeworm specimen is reported.19854095614
the helminth fauna of the digestive tracts of chacma baboons, papio ursinus, from different localities in the transvaal.all of the 111 baboons examined from the loskop dam, suikerbosrand and scrutton nature reserves and the sabie-tweefontein forest reserve were infested with helminths of the digestive tract. the helminths recovered were bertiella studeri, enterobius vermicularis, oesophagostomum bifurcum, physaloptera caucasica, streptopharagus pigmentatus, strongyloides fülleborni, trichostrongylus falculatus, trichuris trichiura and females of trichuris which possibly belong to a new species. most baboons harbo ...19846533507
record of bertiella studeri (blanchard, 1891), an anaplocephalid tapeworm, from a child. 19947979633
infection of an adult in mie prefecture, japan by bertiella studeri.two gravid strobila without scolex were passed by a 23-year-old male in mie prefecture, japan. morphological features were comparable to characteristics of bertiella studeri. although two children's cases have already been reported, this is the first case of an adult in japan since the occurrence of b. studeri was proven in japan.19969031429
human bertiella studeri in spain, probably of african origin.a mature tapeworm and gravid proglottids of bertiella studeri were reported from the stools of a 33-year-old pregnant spanish woman. the patient had spent the six months preceding this discovery in kenya. the evidence suggests a case of parasitism imported to spain from the african continent. the patient presented no symptoms related to the parasite and the discovery in stools of a number of active, white structures led her to collect them. a morphologic and morphometric description of the mater ...19979230789
bertiellosis in man: a review of cases.the presence of bertiella mucronata and bertiella studeri (cestoda: anoplocephalidae) in humans is reviewed, and international infection rates and a bibliography included. taxonomic, biological, epidemiological, pathological, diagnostic, control, prevention and therapeutic aspects of the zoonosis are analyzed, and the increase in zoonotic potentiality of the parasitosis is discussed.19979394527
human bertiella studeri in equatorial guinea. 19979509178
morphology of bertiella studeri (blanchard, 1891) sensu stunkard (1940) (cestoda: anoplocephalidae) of human origin and a proposal of criteria for the specific diagnosis of bertiellosis.human material of an african specimen of bertiella studeri (blanchard, 1891), a typical intestinal cestode of monkeys, is described. mature, postmature and gravid proglottides, and eggs, previously inadequately figured, are illustrated and photographed. the description of the species agrees with that provided by stunkard (1940). a comparative study with other descriptions of the species is made in an attempt to clarify previous findings. the morphological differences reported in various earlier ...200010833012
the first human infection with bertiella studeri in vietnam.this is the first case report of bertiella studeri infection in vietnam. the patient was a 4 year old boy in cai lay district of tien giang province, noting some proglottids in his feces. the time and mode of infection were unknown, but anorexia, weight loss, and intermittent diarrhea were noted. niclosamide (yomesan) 1 gram was prescribed, and then albendazole (zentel) 400mg daily for 3 days. proglottids were found in the feces three months after the first treatment, and 1 month after the secon ...200312971553
the first record of human infection with bertiella studeri in malaya. 196113885756
infection of a child in minnesota by bertiella studeri (cestoda: anoplocephalidae). 196414159976
human bertiella studeri (family anoplocephalidae) infection of probable southeast asian origin in mauritian children and an adult.morphologic studies on preserved and recently collected bertiella specimens obtained from mauritian children and an adult indicate that human infection is caused by bertiella studeri instead of b. mucronata. this cestode might have been accidentally introduced onto the island of mauritius from the southeast asia along with monkeys in the 17th century. we present information that will help identify b. studeri and provide a correct diagnosis. the case reports indicate gastrointestinal disturbances ...200414993637
bertiella studeri infection: resistance to niclosamide. 200415334804
bertiella studeri infection, china. 200616634184
[human infection due to bertiella sp (cestode: anoplocephalidae) in a man originating from yemen in algeria].bertiella is a frequent parasite in animals, particularly in nonhuman primates. the infestation occurs in man by accidental ingestion of the intermediate host, an acarus containing the cysticercoid larva of bertiella studeri or bertiella mucronata. the diagnosis is based on the morphology of the gravid proglottis and eggs with pyriform embryo which is characteristic of the anoplocephalinae. human infection is asymptomatic or can induce minor non specific digestive disturbances and the niclosamid ...200818543702
[bertiella studeri infection in a girl from equatorial guinea]. 201020363057
human infection with bertiella studeri (cestode: anoplocephalidae) in an egyptian worker returning back from saudi arabia.perhaps this is the first case of bertiellosis studeri record in egyptian worker returning back from saudi arabia. the patient was resistant to niclosamide but successfully treated with commiphora molmol extract.201020503589
redescription and resurrection of bertiella satyri (cestoda, anoplocephalidae) parasitizing the orangutan (pongo abelii) in indonesia.the tapeworm species bertiella satyri from a semi-wild sumatran orangutan (pongo abelii: ponginae) is redescribed and the sequence of its 18s rdna is presented. the tapeworms parasitizing the genera pan, pongo, homo and hylobates from muséum national d'histoire naturelle, paris and from muséum d´histoire naturelle, genève are also presented. the validity of b. satyri is confirmed. b. satyri (bsa) differs from the most similar species bertiella studeri (bstu) in the following characteristics: (1) ...201121424808
molecular characterization of the parasitic tapeworm bertiella studeri from the island of mauritius.specimens of bertiella studeri (cyclophyllidea, anoplocephalidae) that have been preserved in ethanol or fixed permanently in formalin for >2 years were used for dna extraction and molecular characterization. dna was amplified via pcr from samples collected from different monkey and human hosts using eucestoda-specific primers. phylogenetic trees were inferred from two sets of sequence data corresponding to the first and second halves of the 18s rdna gene using two methods (distance-based nj and ...201121750870
extraction of nucleic acids from ancient formalin- and ethanol-preserved specimens of the tapeworm bertiella studeri: which method works best?in this study we show that intact dna can be recovered from both alcohol- and formalin-preserved specimens of the parasitic tapeworm bertiella studeri for >1 yr after the original fixation and can be successfully amplified and quantified using real-time polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr). three different dna extraction techniques on formalin- and alcohol-fixed material were evaluated to determine which is best suited for obtaining dna of sufficient yield and purity to be used in downstream appli ...201323234306
parasitology of five primates in mahale mountains national park, tanzania.parasitological surveillance in primates has been performed using coprological observation and identification of specimens from chimpanzees (pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) in mahale mountains national park, tanzania (mahale). in this study, we conducted coprological surveillance to identify the fauna of parasite infection in five primate species in mahale: red colobus (procolobus badius tephrosceles), red-tailed monkeys (cercopithecus ascanius schmidti), vervet monkeys (cercopithecus aethiops p ...201222661394
human bertiellosis from north india.a 4-y-old boy presented with a history of episodes of gripping abdominal pain and intermittent shedding of segments of a worm in stool, which used to actively change in size and shape. on the basis of measurements of the segments and characteristic features of the eggs, the worm was identified as bertiella studeri. the characteristic morphological details of the worm, the pitfalls in its identification and the zoonotic potential of this rare cestodal infection are discussed here.201322359199
first case of human infection by bertiella studeri (blanchard, 1891) stunkard,1940 (cestoda; anoplocephalidae) in brazil.cestodes of the bertiella genus are parasites of non-human primates found in africa, asia, oceania and the americas. species bertiella studeri and bertiella mucronata could, accidentally, infect human beings. the infection occurs from ingestion of mites from the oribatida order containing cysticercoid larvae of the parasite. the objective of this report is to register the first case of human infection by bertiella studeri in brazil. proglottids of the parasite, found in the stool sample of a two ...201526603236
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