new macroderoides (digenea: macroderoididae) from florida gar with molecular phylogeny of the genus.abstract macroderoides minutus n. sp. is described based on specimens collected from the florida gar (lepisosteus platyrhincus) from orange lake, alachua county, florida. the new species is the ninth recognized species of macroderoides and is morphologically closest to m. flavus and m. typicus. it differs from both species in having a smaller body, ventral sucker larger than the oral sucker, substantially higher body length to width ratio, fewer and larger eggs, and other characters. comparison ...201121506820
macroderoides texanus n. sp. (digenea: macroderoididae) from alligator gar, atractosteus spatula in texas.macroderoides texanus n. sp. is described based on 16 specimens collected from the intestine of the north american alligator gar, atractosteus spatula. of the five established species of macroderoides, the new species is morphologically most similar to macroderoides spiniferus and macroderoides trilobatus. m. texanus n. sp. differs from m. spiniferus by having the ovary situated immediately posterior to the cirrus sac rather than at mid-way between the cirrus sac and anterior testis, the ventral ...200818762983
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