fatal coronavirus infection in puppies following canine parvovirus 2b infection. 199912968743
prevalence of enteropathogens and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern in puppies with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (hge) ranging from mild to severe forms is commonly encountered in puppies. the aim of the study was to identify the prevalence of common enteropathogens and the antibiotic sensitivity pattern in puppies reported with hge.201728919674
Canine parvovirus-2b-associated erythema multiforme in a litter of English Setter dogs.Erythema multiforme (EM) was diagnosed in a litter of English Setter puppies. The puppies developed erythematous cutaneous lesions at the age of 2 weeks. Microscopically, there was individual keratinocyte apoptosis associated with lymphocyte exocytosis in all layers of the epidermis. Intranuclear viral inclusions were seen in multiple tissues and organs. Tissues from the tongue, lymph node, spleen, skin, and small intestine were positive for Canine parvovirus-2 (CPV-2) and negative for Canine di ...201121908294
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