enterobacter mori sp. nov., a novel enterobacter species associated with bacterial wilt on morus alba l.two isolates of mulberry pathogenetic bacteria isolated from the diseased mulberry root were investigated by a polyphasic taxonomic study. comparative 16s rrna gene sequence analysis combined with rpob gene sequence analysis allocated the strain r18-2t and r3-3 to the genus enterobacter with enterobacter asburiae, e. aminigenus, e. cancerogenus, e. cloacae subsp. cloacae, e. cloacae subsp. dissolvens and e. nimipressuralis as closet relatives. the isolates are gram negative rod, facultative anae ...201121216919
genome sequence of enterobacter mori type strain lmg 25706, a pathogenic bacterium of morus alba l.enterobacter mori is a plant pathogenic enterobacterium responsible of the bacterial wilt of morus alba l. here, we present the draft genome sequence of the type strain lmg 25706. to the best of our knowledge, this is the first genome sequence of a pathogenic bacterium in the enterobacter genus.201121602328
enterobacter muelleri sp. nov., isolated from the rhizosphere of zea mays.a beige-pigmented, oxidase-negative bacterial strain (jm-458t), isolated from a rhizosphere sample, was studied using a polyphasic taxonomic approach. cells of the isolate were rod-shaped and stained gram-negative. a comparison of the 16s rrna gene sequence of strain jm-458t with sequences of the type strains of closely related species of the genus enterobacter showed that it shared highest sequence similarity with enterobacter mori (98.7 %), enterobacter hormaechei (98.3 %), enterobacter cloaca ...201526294947
enterobacter xiangfangensis sp. nov., isolated from chinese traditional sourdough, and reclassification of enterobacter sacchari zhu et al. 2013 as kosakonia sacchari comb. nov.a gram-stain-negative bacterial strain, 10-17(t), was isolated from traditional sourdough in heilongjiang province, china. the bacterium was characterized by a polyphasic approach, including 16s rrna gene sequence analysis, rna polymerase β subunit (rpob) gene sequence analysis, dna gyrase (gyrb) gene sequence analysis, initiation translation factor 2 (infb) gene sequence analysis, atp synthase β subunit (atpd) gene sequence analysis, fatty acid methyl ester analysis, determination of dna g+c co ...201424824638
enterobacter tabaci sp. nov., a novel member of the genus enterobacter isolated from a tobacco stem.a gram-stain negative, motile, rod-shaped bacterium, designated strain yim hb-3(t), was isolated from the stem of a tobacco plant. the strain was observed to form convex, circular and yellow-colored colonies. the predominant respiratory quinone was identified as q-8. the major fatty acids (>5%) detected were c(16:1)ω7c and/or c(16:1)ω6c (summed feature 3), c(16:0), c(17:0)cyclo, c(18:1)ω7c and/or c(18:1)ω6c (summed feature 8), c(14:0)3-oh and/or iso-c(16:1)i (summed feature 2), c(14:0) and c(12: ...201526346479
isolation, identification, characterization, and evaluation of cadmium removal capacity of enterobacter species.this study focused on the isolation and characterization of high cadmium-resistant bacterial strains, possible exploitation of its cadmium-accumulation and cadmium-induced proteins. cadmium-resistant bacterial strains designated as rz1 and rz2 were isolated from industrial wastewater of penang, malaysia. these isolates were identified as enterobacter mori and enterobacter sp. ws12 on the basis of phenotypic, biochemical and 16s rdna sequence based molecular phylogenetic characteristics. both iso ...201424852724
high quality genome sequence and description of enterobacter mori strain 5-4, isolated from a mixture of formation water and crude-oil.enterobacter mori strain 5-4 is a gram-negative, motile, rod shaped, and facultatively anaerobic bacterium, which was isolated from a mixture of formation water (also known as oil-reservior water) and crude-oil in karamay oilfield, china. to date, there is only one e. mori genome has been sequenced and very little knowledge about the mechanism of e. mori adapted to the petroleum reservoir. here, we report the second e. mori genome sequence and annotation, together with the description of feature ...201527408680
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