comparative analysis of the widespread and conserved pb1-like viruses infecting pseudomonas aeruginosa.we examined the genetic diversity of lytic pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteriophage pb1 and four closely related phages (lbl3, lma2, 14-1 and sn) isolated throughout europe. they all encapsulate linear, non-permuted genomes between 64 427 and 66 530 bp within a solid, acid-resistant isometric capsid (diameter: 74 nm) and carry non-flexible, contractile tails of approximately 140 nm. the genomes are organized into at least seven transcriptional blocks, alternating on both strands, and encode between ...200919678828
the first phage electron micrographs.the first phage electron micrographs were published in 1940 in germany and proved the particulate nature of bacteriophages. phages and infected bacteria were first examined raw and unstained. us american scientists introduced shadowing and freeze-drying. phages appeared to be tailed and morphologically heterogeneous. phage types identified by early electron microscopy include enterobacteriophages t4, t1, t7, t5, 7-11, vii and pseudomonas phage pb1. this paper retraces the development of early vi ...201123050215
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