the volatile emission of eurosta solidaginis primes herbivore-induced volatile production in solidago altissima and does not directly deter insect feeding.the induction of plant defenses in response to herbivory is well documented. in addition, many plants prime their anti-herbivore defenses following exposure to environmental cues associated with increased risk of subsequent attack, including induced volatile emissions from herbivore-damaged plant tissues. recently, we showed in both field and laboratory settings that tall goldenrod plants (solidago altissima) exposed to the putative sex attractant of a specialist gall-inducing fly (eurosta solid ...201424947749
selecting and evaluating native plants for region-specific phytotoxicity this study, we evaluated methodology to determine risks to terrestrial native plant species from potential herbecide drift, focusing on 1) selection of native species for testing, 2) growth of these species, and 3) variability in herbicide response among native species and compared with crop plants. native plant species were selected for initial testing on the basis of spatial analysis, which indicated that species from illinois, usa, were at potential risk for off-target effects of herbicide ...200817973566
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