diversity and biomineralization potential of the epilithic bacterial communities inhabiting the oldest public stone monument of cluj-napoca (transylvania, romania).in this study, we investigated the biomineralization potential and diversity of the epilithic bacterial communities dwelling on the limestone statue of saint donatus, the oldest public monument of cluj-napoca city (transylvania region, nw romania). their spatial distribution together with phylogenetic and metabolic diversity, as well as their capacity to precipitate calcium carbonate was evaluated by combining molecular and phenotypic fingerprinting methods with x-ray diffraction, fourier transf ...201728326074
stenotrophomonas chelatiphaga sp. nov., a new aerobic edta-degrading bacterium.a new ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta)-utilizing gammaproteobacterial strain lpm-5(t) was isolated from municipal sewage sludge. aerobic, gram-negative, motile rods multiply by binary fission. neutrophilic and mesophilic, these are unable to grow in the presence of 3% nacl (w/v), and unable to reduce nitrate to nitrite, and are oxidase and catalase positive, but lipase negative. the major cellular fatty acids are c(i15:0), c(a15:0) and c(16:1w7c). the dominant phospholipids are phosphatidy ...200919216044
stenotrophomonas bentonitica sp. nov., isolated from bentonite formations.a gram-stain negative, rod-shaped, aerobic bacterial strain, bii-r7t, was isolated during a study targeting the culture-dependent microbial diversity occurring in bentonite formations from southern spain. comparative 16s rrna gene sequence analysis showed that bii-r7t represented a member of the genus stenotrophomonas (class gammaproteobacteria), and was related most closely to stenotrophomonas rhizophila e-p10t (99.2 % sequence similarity), followed by stenotrophomonas pavanii icb 89t (98.5 %), ...201728820086
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