molecular characterization of rotaviruses, noroviruses, sapovirus, and adenoviruses in patients with acute gastroenteritis in thailand.outbreaks of viral gastroenteritis occur worldwide including thailand. unfortunately, there is limited information since etiologic agents have not been identified in several outbreaks of nonbacterial gastroenteritis. the genotype of enteric viruses causing acute gastroenteritis in thailand was determined using reverse transcription-multiplex polymerase chain reaction and dna sequencing. from january 2006 to february 2007, stool samples were collected from patients with acute gastroenteritis of a ...200919107961
a new variant of norovirus gii.4/2007 and inter-genotype recombinant strains of nvgii causing acute watery diarrhoea among children in kolkata, india.noroviruses (novs) are one of the major causal agents of acute gastroenteritis among different age groups. some of the recent studies reveal that nov genome is highly prone to mutation and recombination which often leads to emergence of new strains.200919464942
marked genomic diversity of norovirus genogroup i strains in a waterborne outbreak.marked norovirus (nov) diversity was detected in patient samples from a large community outbreak of gastroenteritis with waterborne epidemiology affecting approximately 2,400 people. nov was detected in 33 of 50 patient samples examined by group-specific real-time reverse transcription-pcr. nov genotype i (gi) strains predominated in 31 patients, with mixed gi infections occurring in 5 of these patients. sequence analysis of rna-dependent polymerase-n/s capsid-coding regions (∼900 nucleotides in ...201222247153
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