a molecular survey of anaplasma spp., rickettsia spp., ehrlichia canis and babesia microti in foxes and fleas from sicily.fleas (insecta: siphonaptera) are obligate bloodsucking insects, which parasitize birds and mammals, and are distributed throughout the world. several species have been implicated in pathogen transmission. this study aimed to monitor red foxes and the fleas isolated from them in the palermo and ragusa provinces of sicily, italy, as these organisms are potential reservoirs and vectors of pathogens. thirteen foxes (vulpes vulpes) and 110 fleas were analysed by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) to de ...201324589112
parasites of the black-tailed jackrabbit in north central colorado.forty-four black-tailed jackrabbits, lepus californicus melanotis mearns, 1890, were collected near denver from august, 1972, through july, 1973, and amined for parasites. recovered parasites and their infection rates were: eimeria sp. 100%, cittotaenia sp.27%, coenuri of multiceps sp. 57%, cediopsylla inaequalis 14%, hoplopsyllus affinis 9%, haemodipsus setoni 2%, dermacentor andersoni 14%, and haemaphysalis leporis-palustris 25%.19751142561
fleas on gray foxes in new mexico.from april 1992 to april 1993, fleas were collected from 15 gray foxes, urocyon cinereoargenteus schreber, in new mexico. flea species collected were cediopsylla inaequalis inaequalis baker (14/15), echidnophaga gallinacea (westwood) (1/15), euhoplopsyllus glacialis affinis baker (10/15), foxella ignota baker (1/15), pulex irritans (l.) (6/15), and pulex simulans baker (15/15). c. i. inaequalis and f. ignota are new host records for gray foxes. the collection of c. i. inaequalis, e. g. affinis, ...19957608929
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