a comprehensive cytogenetic analysis of several members of the family columbidae (aves, columbiformes).the columbidae species (aves, columbiformes) show considerable variation in their diploid numbers (2n = 68-86), but there is limited understanding of the events that shaped the extant karyotypes. hence, we performed whole chromosome painting (wcp) for paints gga1-10 and bacterial artificial chromosome (bac) probes for chromosomes gga11-28 for columbina passerina, columbina talpacoti, patagioenas cayennensis, geotrygon violacea and geotrygon montana. streptopelia decaocto was only investigated wi ...202032521831
eimeria curvata n. sp.(apicomplexa: eimeriidae) in columbina talpacoti and scardafella squammata (aves: columbidae) from brazil.eimeria curvata is a new coccidian described in the doves columbina talpacoti and scardafella squammata from western of the state of são paulo, brazil. the oocysts are ovoid to ellipsoid, 18.3 (17-19) microm x 15.5 (15-17) microm, with a shape index of 1.2 (1.1-1.3). the wall is colorless, smooth and double-layered. a polar granule is present, but there is no micropyle or oocyst residuum. the sporocysts are elongate, 12.3 (11.5-13) microm x 5.8 (5.5-6) microm with a curved anterior portion and a ...200610656705
coccidia of columbiformes: a taxonomic review of its eimeriidae species and eimeria columbinae n. sp. from columbina talpacoti (temminck, 1809) from brazil.coccidia (chromista: miozoa: eimeriidae) of columbiform birds (aves: columbiformes) have been described since the end of the nineteenth century; however, some of these descriptions were poorly detailed or inconclusive. in this sense, the current work makes a detailed taxonomic revision reconsidering and organizing 18 eimeria spp. and two isospora spp. previously described or reported of columbiformes. along with this, a new species of eimeria is morphologically and molecularly identified by the ...202031760500
prevalence and intensity of haemoproteus columbae in three species of wild doves from brazil.the prevalence and intensity of blood parasites in three species of wild doves were studied in the municipality of junqueirópolis, in the western region of the state of são paulo, brazil. three species of doves were surveyed: 331 specimens of zenaida auriculata des murs, 1847, 62 specimens of columbina talpacoti temminck, 1811 and 57 specimens of scardafella squammata lesson, 1831. haemoproteus columbae kruse, 1890 was found in blood from all the doves species. the prevalence of this parasite wa ...200111285493
[ilheus arbovirus in wild birds (sporophila caerulescens and molothrus bonariensis)].to report the first ilheus arboviruses isolated from wild birds and analyze its public health impact.200111359196
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