identification of the intermediate hosts of habronema microstoma and habronema muscae under field conditions.a polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-based assay was used for the specific detection of habronema microstoma and habronema muscae (nematoda, spirurida) in order to identify the intermediate hosts of both nematode species under field conditions. a total of 1087 netted and 165 laboratory-bred flies were tested. flies were identified as musca domestica linnaeus 1758, musca autumnalis de geer 1776, haematobia irritans (linnaeus 1758), haematobia titillans (de geer 1907) and stomoxys calcitrans (linnaeu ...200818816277
[horn fly (muscidae) fauna and ecology in the area of the baikal-amur mainline].4 species of horn flies were recorded from the territory of the baikal-amur railway: stomoxys calcitrans, haematobia stimulans, lyperosia irritans and lyperosia titillans. the autumn horn fly was found to be most widespread and dangerous. it was especially abundant in priamurje, in the zone of the monsoon climate, where it behaves as a typical pasture species. the behaviour, daily and seasonal dynamics and flight duration (90 to 150 days) of horn flies changes noticeably depending on natural con ...19817279439
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