enterobacter oryzae sp. nov., a nitrogen-fixing bacterium isolated from the wild rice species oryza latifolia.twelve facultatively anaerobic, endophytic diazotrophs were isolated from surface-sterilized roots of the wild rice species oryza latifolia and characterized by phenotypic and molecular methods. six isolates were grouped together as group a by phenotypic characters, and this grouping was confirmed by sds-page whole-cell protein patterns and insertion sequence-based pcr (is-pcr) methods. phylogenetic analysis of the 16s rrna gene sequence indicated that group a, represented by strain ola 51(t), i ...200919578150
draft genome sequence of rice endophyte-associated isolate kosakonia oryzae ko348.kosakonia oryzae ko348 is an endophytic and plant growth-promoting strain isolated from the roots of rice in italy. here, we report the draft genome sequence of kosakonia oryzae ko348.201526044436
taxonomic evaluation of the genus enterobacter based on multilocus sequence analysis (mlsa): proposal to reclassify e. nimipressuralis and e. amnigenus into lelliottia gen. nov. as lelliottia nimipressuralis comb. nov. and lelliottia amnigena comb. nov., respectively, e. gergoviae and e. pyrinus into pluralibacter gen. nov. as pluralibacter gergoviae comb. nov. and pluralibacter pyrinus comb. nov., respectively, e. cowanii, e. radicincitans, e. oryzae and e. arachidis into kosakonia gen. nov. as kosakonia cowanii comb. nov., kosakonia radicincitans comb. nov., kosakonia oryzae comb. nov. and kosakonia arachidis comb. nov., respectively, and e. turicensis, e. helveticus and e. pulveris into cronobacter as cronobacter zurichensis nom. nov., cronobacter helveticus comb. nov. and cronobacter pulveris comb. nov., respectively, and emended description of the genera enterobacter and cronobacter.the taxonomy of enterobacter has a complicated history, with several species transferred to and from this genus. classification of strains is difficult owing to its polyphyletic nature, based on 16s rrna gene sequences. it has been previously acknowledged that enterobacter contains species which should be transferred to other genera. in an attempt to resolve the taxonomy of enterobacter, mlsa based on partial sequencing of protein-encoding genes (gyrb, rpob, infb and atpd) was performed on the t ...201323632228
the new species enterobacter oryziphilus sp. nov. and enterobacter oryzendophyticus sp. nov. are key inhabitants of the endosphere of rice.six independent gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, non-spore-forming, nitrogen-fixing rod-shaped isolates were obtained from the root endosphere of rice grown at the international rice research institute (irri) and investigated in a polyphasic taxonomic study.201323865888
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