bacterial community composition of three candidate insect vectors of palm phytoplasma (texas phoenix palm decline and lethal yellowing).texas phoenix palm decline (tppd) and lethal yellowing are two phytoplasma-linked diseases in palms. the phytoplasma causing tppd is thought to be transmitted by three putative planthopper vectors, ormenaria rufifascia, omolicna joi, and haplaxius crudus. these insects have been morphologically and molecularly described, and have screened positive for candidatus phytoplasma palmae. individuals from each species were subjected to 16s bacterial community sequencing using the roche 454 platform, pr ...201525298076
presence of 16sriv phytoplasmas of subgroups a, d and e in planthopper haplaxius crudus van duzee insects in yucatán, mexico.the present study was carried out to determine if group 16sriv phytoplasmas, causing lethal yellowing (ly) disease, are present in haplaxius crudus van duzee (hemiptera: cixiidae) insects associated with palms in yucatán, mexico. haplaxius crudus feral insects were captured from palm foliage at two locations (chicxulub puerto and cicy, mérida, where ly-type diseases are active) and evaluated individually for the presence of phytoplasma dna by a group 16sriv-specific nested pcr assay. the results ...201829354372
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