draft genome sequence of "candidatus phytoplasma pruni" strain cx, a plant-pathogenic bacterium."candidatus phytoplasma pruni" strain cx, belonging to subgroup 16sriii-a, is a plant-pathogenic bacterium causing economically important diseases in many fruit crops. here, we report the draft genome sequence, which consists of 598,508 bases, with a g+c content of 27.21 mol%.201526472824
quantitative phenotyping of x-disease resistance in chokecherry using real-time pcr.a quantitative real-time sybr green pcr (qpcr) assay has been developed to detect and quantify x-disease phytoplasmas in chokecherry. an x-disease phytoplasma-specific and high sensitivity primer pair was designed based on the 16s rrna gene sequence of x-disease phytoplasmas. this primer pair was specific to the 16sriii group (x-disease) phytoplasmas. the qpcr method can quantify phytoplasmas from a dna mix (a mix of both chokecherry and x-disease phytoplasma dna) at as low as 0.001 ng, 10-fold ...201424389037
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