polyphasic taxonomy of aspergillus section candidi based on molecular, morphological and physiological data.aspergillus section candidi historically included a single white-spored species, a. candidus. later studies clarified that other species may also belong to this section. in this study, we examined isolates of species tentatively assigned to section candidi using a polyphasic approach. the characters examined include sequence analysis of partial beta-tubulin, calmodulin and its sequences of the isolates, morphological and physiological tests, and examination of the extrolite profiles. our data in ...200718490951
antifungal properties of fermentates and their potential to replace sorbate and propionate in pound cake.the major objective of this study was to assess the antifungal activities of commercially available 'clean label' fermentates and their potential to replace the preservative function of sorbate and propionate in cake. this study was performed in two parts. in the first part of the study the inhibitory activities of selected fermentates - fa, fb, fc and fd - towards aspergillus tritici and aspergillus amstelodami were assessed as a function of ph (5.0-6.5) on malt extract agar (mea). in the secon ...201627574008
aspergillus pragensis sp. nov. discovered during molecular reidentification of clinical isolates belonging to aspergillus section candidi.the identity of nine clinical isolates recovered from czech patients and presumptively identified as aspergillus sp. section candidi based on colony morphology was revised using sequences of β-tubulin, calmodulin gene sequence, and internal transcribed spacer rdna. six isolates were from suspected and proven onychomycosis, one from otitis externa, and two associated with probable invasive aspergillosis. the results showed that one aspergillus candidus isolate was the cause of otitis externa, and ...201424951723
endoinulinase production by a new endoinulinase producer aspergillus tritici bgpup6 using a low cost substrate.endoinulinase is an inulolytic enzyme which is used for the production of fructooligosaccharides from inulin. a new endoinulinase producing fungal strain bgpup6 was identified as aspergillus tritici on the basis of its molecular characterization. response surface methodology was used to optimize the endoinulinase production at shake-flask level from aspergillus tritici bgpup6 using raw asparagus inulin as carbon source. four independent variables (raw inulin, 2-4%; peptone, 0.3-0.7%; (nh4)h2po4, ...201627519291
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