biological control of eotetranychus lewisi and tetranychus urticae (acari: tetranychidae) on strawberry by four phytoseiids (acari: phytoseiidae).the spider mite, eotetranychus lewisi (mcgregor) (acari: tetranychidae), is a new emerging pest in california commercial strawberries. the predatory mite phytoseiulus persimilis (athias-henriot) (acari: phytoseiidae), typically used for biocontrol of tetranychus urticae (koch) (acari: tetranychidae), provided growers little to no control of e. lewisi. four commonly used phytoseiid predatory mites: p. persimilis, neoseiulus californicus (mcgregor), n. fallacis (garman), and amblyseius andersoni ( ...201323448018
the population level of eotetranychus lewisi and the concentration of carbohydrates in peach trees.lewis spider mite eotetranychus lewisi (mcgregor) is the most important pest in peach orchards, prunus persica (l.) (batsch), in north-central mexico. in autumn 2003 and spring 2004, two glasshouse experiments were carried out to assess the influence of that mite on the concentration of total soluble sugars and starch in leaves, bark and roots of 'diamante mejorado' peach trees. apical leaves of peach trees were inoculated with three mite densities per leaf: (a) 10-20, (b) 21-40, (c) 41-80; a mi ...200718040869
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