rhizobia with different symbiotic efficiencies nodulate acaciella angustissima in mexico, including sinorhizobium chiapanecum sp. nov. which has common symbiotic genes with sinorhizobium mexicanum.bacteria from nodules of the legume acaciella angustissima native to the south of mexico were characterized genetically and their nodulation and competitiveness were evaluated. phylogenetic studies derived from rpob gene sequences indicated that a. angustissima is nodulated by sinorhizobium mexicanum, rhizobium tropici, mesorhizobium plurifarium and agrobacterium tumefaciens and by bacteria related to sinorhizobium americanum, sinorhizobium terangae, rhizobium etli and rhizobium gallicum. a new ...200919120461
ensifer mexicanus sp. nov. a new species nodulating acacia angustissima (mill.) kuntze in mexico.a new lineage of ensifer nodulating the american legume acacia angustissima in the tropical forest of chiapas and morelos, mexico is described. bacteria were identified as ensifer with ssb or nolr specific primers. phylogenetic analysis with partial sequences of the five chromosomal genes gyra, nolr, reca, rpob and rrs revealed that this new lineage is related to african ensifer terangae. the results of total dna-dna hybridization and selected phenotypic tests among the a. angustissima strains a ...200717293074
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