net effects of ecotourism on threatened species survival.many threatened species rely on ecotourism for conservation funding, but simultaneously suffer direct ecological impacts from ecotourism. for a range of iucn-redlisted terrestrial and marine bird and mammal species worldwide, we use population viability analyses to calculate the net effects of ecotourism on expected time to extinction, in the presence of other anthropogenic threats such as poaching, primary industries and habitat loss. species for which these calculations are currently possible, ...201626886876
training large macaws for artificial insemination procedures.for some endangered parrot species, captive breeding may be the only insurance for their survival. however, many individuals in captivity do not reproduce. artificial insemination (ai) may help overcome reproductive failures or geographic distance. for semen collection in birds, massage is the most commonly used method. however, this process, which usually requires capture and restraint, involves risk of stress and injuries. the aim of this experiment was to train large macaws to accept the phys ...201122044292
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