a comparative pharmacological and phytochemical analysis of in vivo &in vitro propagated crotalaria compare the efficacy for phytochemical, antibacterial and antioxidant activities of petroleum ether, chloroform, ethanol, and aqueous extracts of in vitro propagated plants and field grown plants of crotalaria sps., for against five human pathogens.201222182641
crotalaria medicaginea associated with horse deaths in northern australia: new pyrrolizidine alkaloids.crotalaria medicaginea has been implicated in horse poisoning in grazing regions of central-west queensland, which resulted in the deaths of more than 35 horses from hepatotoxicosis in 2010. liver pathology was suggestive of pyrrolizidine alkaloidosis, and we report here the isolation of two previously uncharacterized pyrrolizidine alkaloids from c. medicaginea plant specimens collected from pastures where the horses died. the first alkaloid was shown by mass spectometric and nmr analyses to be ...201121899365
affinity purification and characterization of a seed lectin from crotalaria medicaginea.purification of lectin from the seeds of crotalaria medicaginea lamk by affinity chromatography on asialofetuin-linked amino activated silica, yielded a single band on non-denatured page at ph 4.5 and 8.3 and, a single peak on hplc size exclusion and cation exchange columns. the molecular mass of the native c. medicaginea lectin was determined to be 125 kda by gel filtration. in sds-page, the lectin migrated as a single band of m(r) 31.6 kda under reducing and nonreducing conditions, indicating ...200222896888
a field investigation into a suspected outbreak of pyrrolizidine alkaloid toxicosis in horses in western queensland.a disease outbreak investigation was conducted in western queensland to investigate a rare suspected outbreak of pyrrolizidine alkaloid (pa) toxicosis in horses. thirty five of 132 horses depastured on five properties on the mitchell grass plains of western queensland died in the first six months of 2010. clinical-pathological findings were consistent with pa toxicosis. a local variety of crotalaria medicaginea was the only hepatotoxic plant found growing on affected properties. pathology report ...201525604478
a galactomannan from crotalaria medicaginea seeds.a polysaccharide isolated from the seeds of crotalaria medicaginea is composed of d-galactose and d-mannose in the molar ratio of 10:31. structural studies were performed by methylation analysis, partial acid hydrolysis, chromic oxide oxidation, mild hydrolysis with dilute oxalic acid and 13cnmr analysis of the polymer.19901366481
a case of cytomixis in crotalaria medicaginea lamk. 194818911586
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