heterochrony and early left-right asymmetry in the development of the cardiorespiratory system of snakes.snake lungs show a remarkable diversity of organ asymmetries. the right lung is always fully developed, while the left lung is either absent, vestigial, or well-developed (but smaller than the right). a 'tracheal lung' is present in some taxa. these asymmetries are reflected in the pulmonary arteries. lung asymmetry is known to appear at early stages of development in thamnophis radix and natrix natrix. unfortunately, there is no developmental data on snakes with a well-developed or absent left ...201525555231
ecological divergence among sympatric colour morphs in blood pythons, python brongersmai.blood pythons in northeastern sumatra display a series of discrete colour morphs, even among hatchlings within a single clutch. the first step towards understanding the maintenance of this polymorphism is to test the null hypothesis that colour variation in this species has no major biological correlates. data on >2,000 blood pythons killed for the commercial leather industry enabled us to test, and reject, this hypothesis. the four colour morphs differed significantly in most of the traits that ...199828308515
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