studies on the antifertility potentiality of hibiscus rosa sinensis. parts of medicinal value; selection of species and seasonal variations.the postcoital antifertility properties of benzene hot extracts of hibiscus rosa sinensis flowers, leaves, and stembarks, collected during the winter, spring, rainy, and summer seasons, were investigated in female rats. only extracts from the flowers of the plant were 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. those flowers collected during the winter showed the greatest potency, followed by those collected in the spring, rainy season, and summer, in decreasing order. benzene extracts of flowers ...1977840927
an experimental study of the anti-hsv-ii action of 500 herbal drugs.experimental assessments were made on the anti-hsv-ii action of 500 herbs by determinations of the virus inhibition logarithm (vil). 13 highly effective herbs (vil greater than or equal to 4.00) were screened cut, providing a rational basis for clinical therapy. among these effective herbs, 10 were aqueous extracts of artemisia anomala, centella asiatica, epimedium sagittatum, hibiscus mutabilis, hosta plantaginea, hypericum japonicum, inula japonica, mosla punctata, rhododendron simsii, and rhu ...19892550706
novel galactonic acid-binding hexameric lectin from hibiscus mutabilis seeds with antiproliferative and potent hiv-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory activities.a hexameric 150-kda lectin was isolated from dried hibiscus mutabilis seeds using a chromatographic protocol that involved ion exchange chromatography on sp-sepharose, and gel filtration on superdex 75 and superdex 200. the lectin was not adsorbed on sp-sepharose and was eluted from the superdex 75 column in the void volume. it was eluted in the first peak from superdex 200. it was strongly adsorbed on deae-cellulose and q-sepharose and could not be easily desorbed. the hemagglutinating activity ...200919956805
effect of ferulic acid from hibiscus mutabilis on filarial parasite setaria cervi: molecular and biochemical the reported work the in vitro activity of a methanolic extract of leaves of hibiscus mutabilis (malvaceae) against bovine setaria cervi worms has been investigated. bioassay-guided fractionation led to isolation of ferulic acid from ethyl acetate fraction. the crude extract and ferulic acid, the active molecule, showed significant microfilaricidal as well as macrofilaricidal activities against the microfilaria (l(1)) and adult of s. cervi by both a worm motility and mtt reduction assay. the ...201222562003
allergy-preventive effects of hibiscus mutabilis 'versicolor' and a novel allergy-preventive flavonoid glycoside.allergy-preventive activity was demonstrated for the meoh extract (hm) of the petals of hibiscus mutabilis l. 'versicolor' makino in a continuing search for allergy-preventive substances from natural sources, using the in vivo assay method. this assay system uses monitoring of a decrease in the blood flow at the tail vein of mice subjected to hen egg-white lysozyme (hel) sensitization. by bioassay-directed fractionation, a new flavonol triglycoside, quercetin 3-o-[beta-d-xylopyranosyl(1-->2)-alp ...200919252306
[characters of greening tree species in heavy metal pollution protection in shanghai].in this paper, the stream banks nearby qibao town and the factory area of shanghai baoshan steel company were selected as the typical areas contaminated by heavy metals. the polluted status was investigated by measuring the heavy metal concentrations of the sampled soils. the results showed that the heavy metal concentrations in the soils of stream banks were a little higher than the control, but obviously higher in the factory area of shanghai baoshan steel company. the growth status of the gre ...200415334971
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