cranial arterial pattern of the sri lankan spotted chevrotain, moschiola memmina, and comparative basicranial osteology of the tragulidae.the cranial arterial pattern of artiodactyls deviates significantly from the typical mammalian pattern. one of the most striking atypical features is the rete mirabile epidurale: a subdural arterial meshwork that functionally and anatomically replaces the arteria carotis interna. this meshwork facilitates an exceptional ability to cool the brain, and was thought to be present in all artiodactyls. recent research, however, has found that species of mouse deer (artiodactyla: tragulidae) endemic to ...201526644983
the inner ear of diacodexis, the oldest artiodactyl mammal.we provide the first detailed description of the inner ear of the oldest artiodactyl, diacodexis, based on a three-dimensional reconstruction extracted from computed tomography imagery of a skull of diacodexis ilicis of earliest wasatchian age (ca. 55 ma). this description provides new anatomical data for the earliest artiodactyls, and reveals that the bony labyrinth of diacodexis differs greatly from that of modern artiodactyls described so far. the bony labyrinth of diacodexis presents a weakl ...201222938073
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