the species composition of thrips (insecta: thysanoptera) inhabiting mango orchards in pulau pinang, malaysia.a field study was conducted at two localities on pulau pinang, malaysia, during two consecutive mango flowering seasons in 2009 to identify variations in the species composition of thrips infesting treated and untreated mango (mangifera indica l.) orchards. the co2 immobilisation technique and the cutting method were used to recover different thrips species from mango panicles and weed host plants, respectively. the mango panicles and various weed species within the treated orchard were found to ...201224575225
colored sticky traps to selectively survey thrips in cowpea ecosystem.the bean flower thrips, megalurothrips usitatus (bagrall) (thysanoptera: thripidae), is an important pest of legume crops in south china. yellow, blue, or white sticky traps are currently recommended for monitoring and controlling thrips, but it is not known whether one is more efficient than the other or if selectivity could be optimized by trap color. we investigated the response of thrips and beneficial insects to different-colored sticky traps on cowpea, vigna unguiculata. more thrips were c ...201626429578
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