sarcocystis sp. in wading birds (ciconiiformes) from florida.sarcocysts were found in striated muscle of 21 adult wading birds among 145 examined grossly and 70 examined histologically (calculated prevalence = 24%), and in none of 332 immature wading birds examined from florida (usa). six of 12 species of ciconiforms were infected (ardea herodias, casmerodius albus, egretta caerulea, nyctanassa violacea, butorides striatus, eudocimus albus). cysts were filamentous, usually extended the entire length of the muscle fiber, and were visible grossly in 33% of ...19948151820
a new species of microphallus (trematoda: microphallidae) from venezuela.during 1997-1999, a total of 94 crabs, uca rapax were collected from la sabana, la ceiba and el paujil, sucre state, venezuela. of these 36 were infected with metacercariae. two parasites were located in the abdominal muscles and one under the tissue of carapace and gonad. these metacercariae grew to adults in the following genera: levinseniella, microphallus and maritrema, in the period of 2-5 days after feeding experimentally to the rat rattus norvegicus, mice mus musculus and duck cairinia mo ...200417354386
isolation and genetic characterization of toxoplasma gondii from free-ranging and captive birds and mammals in pernambuco state, brazil.recent genetic population studies on toxoplasma gondii in brazil have shown large genetic variability. the objective of the present study was to isolate and genotypically characterize t. gondii from free-ranging and captive wild mammals and birds in pernambuco state, brazil. fragments of heart, brain, skeletal muscle and diaphragm tissue from 71 birds and 34 mammals, which were either free-ranging or captive, were collected. samples from 32 of these animals were subjected to bioassays in mice. s ...201930184004
modeling the dependence between number of trials and success probability in beta-binomial-poisson mixture distributions.beta-binomial models are widely used for overdispersed binomial data, with the binomial success probability modeled as following a beta distribution. the number of binary trials in each binomial is assumed to be nonrandom and unrelated to the success probability. in many behavioral studies, however, binomial observations demonstrate more complex structures. in this article, a general beta-binomial-poisson mixture model is developed, to allow for a relation between the number of trials and the su ...200314969474
the relationships between morphological characteristics and foraging behavior in four selected species of shorebirds and water birds utilizing tropical mudflats.a study was conducted to investigate the relationship between the physical morphology of shorebirds and water birds (i.e., lesser adjutant (leptoptilos javanicus), common redshank (tringa totanus), whimbrel (numenius phaeopus), and little heron (butorides striata)) and their foraging behavior in the mudflats area of selangor, peninsular malaysia, from august 2013 to july 2014 by using direct observation techniques (using binoculars and a video recorder). the actively foraging bird species were w ...201526345324
the complete mitochondrial genomes of sixteen ardeid birds revealing the evolutionary process of the gene rearrangements.the animal mitochondrial genome is generally considered to be under selection for both compactness and gene order conservation. as more mitochondrial genomes are sequenced, mitochondrial duplications and gene rearrangements have been frequently identified among diverse animal groups. although several mechanisms of gene rearrangement have been proposed thus far, more observational evidence from major taxa is needed to validate specific mechanisms. in the current study, the complete mitochondrial ...201425001581
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