detection of candidatus mycoplasma haemobos in cattle with anaemia.haemotrophic mycoplasmas are unculturable eperythrocytic pathogens that are found in a wide range of domestic and wild animals. in this study an outbreak of haemotrophic mycoplasmosis in cattle herds in northern germany is reported. affected animals exhibited anaemia and depression and infection was confirmed following microscopic examination of blood smears and on pcr. sequence analysis indicated that in addition to infection with mycoplasma wenyonii, animals were infected with a novel bovine h ...201120188610
the detection of "candidatus mycoplasma haemobos" in cattle and buffalo in china."candidatus mycoplasma haemobos" is a hemoplasma species found in cattle and has been recently reported in switzerland and japan. in this study, "candidatus mycoplasma haemobos" was shown to occur in cattle and buffalo in tropical china by pcr amplification and sequence analysis of the 16s rrna gene from blood samples. based on the 16s rdna sequence, a specific pcr assay was developed. occurrence of "candidatus mycoplasma haemobos" in cattle and buffalo in guangxi, china, was determined by exami ...201020596775
identification, molecular characterization, and occurrence of two bovine hemoplasma species in swiss cattle and development of real-time taqman quantitative pcr assays for diagnosis of bovine hemoplasma infections.concomitantly with an outbreak of fatal anaplasmosis in a cattle herd in switzerland in 2002, we detected two bovine hemoplasma species in diseased animals: mycoplasma wenyonii (formerly eperythrozoon wenyonii) and a second, novel bovine hemoplasma species later designated "candidatus mycoplasma haemobos" (synonym, "candidatus mycoplasma haemobovis"). the second species was characterized by a shorter 16s rrna gene. the aims of the present study were to provide a detailed molecular characterizati ...201020686093
prevalence and risk factor analysis of bovine hemoplasma infection by direct pcr in eastern hokkaido, japan.the prevalence and risk factors of 2 bovine hemoplasma species-mycoplasma wenyonii (mw) and "candidatus mycoplasma haemobos" (cmh)-were examined by direct pcr using whole blood samples collected from 343 cattle in eastern hokkaido, japan. the sensitivity of the direct pcr assay was 10-fold higher than the standard pcr assay, detecting 5 copies of bovine hemoplasma dna per reaction. an epidemiological survey of sampling location, living conditions, age and bovine leukemia virus antibody was perfo ...201222673725
canine tick-borne pathogens and associated risk factors in dogs presenting with and without clinical signs consistent with tick-borne diseases in northern estimate the proportion of canine tick-borne disease (ctbd) pathogens in dogs from northern states of australia presenting with and without clinical signs/laboratory abnormalities suggestive of ctbd and to evaluate associated risk factors.201525708788
draft genome sequence of "candidatus mycoplasma haemobos," a hemotropic mycoplasma identified in cattle in mexico.we present here the draft genome sequence of the first "candidatus mycoplasma haemobos" strain found in cattle in mexico. this hemotropic mycoplasma causes acute and chronic disease in animals. this genome is a starting point for studying the role of this mycoplasma in coinfections and synergistic mechanisms associated with the disease.201627389272
candidatus mycoplasma haemobos. 200919272718
effect of chronic hemoplasma infection on cattle productivity.the present study evaluated the effect of hemoplasmosis on cattle productivity. prevalence of bovine hemoplasma was examined by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) using whole blood samples collected from 93 breeding cows and their 71 calves in hokkaido, japan. monthly milk production records and other clinical data were compared between mycoplasma wenyonii (mw)-infected, "candidatus mycoplasma haemobos" (cmh)-infected, co-infected and pcr-negative groups. blood chemical parameters were obtained fro ...201323676278
investigation of bovine haemoplasmas and their association with anaemia in new zealand cattle.a dairy cow, from a herd in the waikato region of new zealand, was reported with regenerative anaemia on 12 september 2014. testing of blood from the animal using pcr assays for theileria orientalis produced a negative result for both chitose and ikeda types.201626411673
examination of the 16s-23s rrna intergenic spacer sequences of 'candidatus mycoplasma haemobos' and mycoplasma haemofelis.the intergenic spacer region between the 16s and 23s rrna genes of mycoplasmas has been used for a genetic marker for identification of the species. here we show the intergenic spacer regions of two hemotropic mycoplasmas, mycoplasma haemofelis and 'candidatus mycoplasma haemobos (synonym: 'c. m. haemobovis')' are also useful for classification of this particular group of mycoplasms. the spacer region of m. haemofelis and 'c. m. haemobos' consisted of 209 and 210 base pairs, respectively, and bo ...201121836377
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