humoral response to calicivirus in captive tigers given a dual-strain vaccine.the current feline vaccine with a single strain of calicivirus has been used for captive tigers, yet it may not protect against virulent systemic calicivirus infections. a cross-institutional study investigated the humoral response to a new dual-strain, killed-virus calicivirus vaccine for nine captive tigers. the subspecies of these tigers were amur (panthera tigris altaica), bengal (panthera tigris tigris), and malayan (panthera tigris jacksoni). serum neutralization titers for virulent feline ...201424712158
influence of dietary fiber type and amount on energy and nutrient digestibility, fecal characteristics, and fecal fermentative end-product concentrations in captive exotic felids fed a raw beef-based diet.little nutritional or metabolic information has been collected from captive exotic cats fed raw diets. in particular, fiber types and concentrations for use in raw meat-based diets for captive exotic felids have not been well studied. our objective was to evaluate the effects of fiber type and concentration on apparent total tract energy and macronutrient digestibility, fecal characteristics, and fecal fermentative end-products in captive exotic felids. four animals of each captive exotic specie ...201323463568
two new species of scirtothrips genus-group (thripidae) of northern peninsular malaysia.the survey of thysanoptera in peninsular malaysia has been concentrated largely in areas growing crops and flowers around kuala lumpur, and the cameron highlands, and there are few records of these insects from native forests particularly in the northern part of the country. the two species described here were collected during a recent visit to belum-temengor forest complex, in perak state, part of the second largest forested area on the peninsular, and connected to the bang lang national park, ...201627394331
phylogeography and genetic ancestry of tigers (panthera tigris).eight traditional subspecies of tiger (panthera tigris),of which three recently became extinct, are commonly recognized on the basis of geographic isolation and morphological characteristics. to investigate the species' evolutionary history and to establish objective methods for subspecies recognition, voucher specimens of blood, skin, hair, and/or skin biopsies from 134 tigers with verified geographic origins or heritage across the whole distribution range were examined for three molecular mark ...200415583716
evaluation of four raw meat diets using domestic cats, captive exotic felids, and cecectomized roosters.our objective was to evaluate raw meat diets for captive exotic and domestic carnivores containing traditional and alternative raw meat sources, specifically, beef trimmings, bison trimmings, elk muscle meat, and horse trimmings. we aimed to examine diet composition and protein quality; apparent total tract energy and macronutrient digestibility in domestic cats, african wildcats, jaguars, and malayan tigers; and me and fecal fermentative end-products in domestic cats. because of variation in th ...201323048161
evaluation of nutrient digestibility and fecal characteristics of exotic felids fed horse- or beef-based diets: use of the domestic cat as a model for exotic felids.the objective of this study was to determine the effects of feeding commercially available beef- and horse-based diets on nutrient digestibility and fecal characteristics of large captive exotic felids and domestic cats. four species of large exotic felids including cheetahs, malayan tigers, jaguars, and amur tigers, and domestic cats were utilized in a crossover design. raw meat diets included a beef-based diet (57% protein; 28% fat) and a horse-based diet (51% protein; 30% fat). all cats were ...201019830746
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