first report of litomosa spp. (nematoda: filarioidea) from malagasy bats; review of the genus and relationships between species.the presence of the filarial genus litomosa in malagasy bats is demonstrated by the finding of l. goodmani n. sp. from miniopterus gleni and litomosa sp. (male unknown) from m. manavi, both in the special reserve of ankarana. these materials are compared to the 22 litomosa species, including two indian species originally placed in the genus litomosoides, l. fotedari (gupta and trivedi, 1989) n. comb. and l. tewarii (gupta and trivedi, 1989) n. comb., and the new taxon l. seurati n. sp. (= l. bea ...200616605061
[hemoparasites of bats in madagascar].this study aims to evaluate the prevalence and density of haemoparasites in wild malagasy bats. among the 440 bats, belonging to 14 species sampled in 5 localities in different bio-climatic zones of the island, 93 (21%) showed at least 1 haemoparasite with, by order of frequency, haemoproteidae (15.7% of 440 bats), microfilariae (7.0%) and trypanosoma (0.7%). among these 93 bats, 92 (99%) belonged to the family vespertilionidae. four bat species, all endemic to the madagascar region (madagascar ...200315678820
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